Friday, May 10, 2019

CA Soda Tax Fizzles -- What Else Can We Stop?

From: Carl DeMaio
Subject: Breaking – CA Soda Tax Fizzles
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
We did it! Since January we’ve been fighting more than $15B in tax hikes pending in the California legislature. Yesterday, we got a score when backers of the absurd Soda Tax announced they were dropping the idea for this session because they did not get enough support from fellow lawmakers.
As you know, we have been targeting the 12 swing state legislators in the most vulnerable districts with an aggressive anti-tax campaign that our grassroots supporters have helped us fund. These 12 legislators are getting bombarded with calls, letters and emails from angry constituents telling them "NO NEW TAXES!"
But the Soda Tax fizzling out is just the beginning. We STILL have to peel off enough of these 12 vulnerable legislators to stop the other crazy tax hikes: Drinking Water Tax, Services Tax, Mileage Tax, Firearms Tax, Property Tax, Cell Tax, and more!
Can you help us KEEP THE PRESSURE ON by contributing to our anti-tax campaign today? Here’s the secure link.
Remember: politicians raise taxes when they don’t think there will be an organized opposition campaign to punish them. Let’s raise the funds to keep the pressure on right now and also show them we are ready to inflict consequences on them at the ballot box if they approve any of these crazy new taxes.
Carl DeMaio
Reform California

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