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ARTICLE The Remembrance Project Featured @ Carson Town Hall ARTHUR SCHAPER CORRECTS REPORTER!

Robin, Executive Director for We the People Rising, and the California Director for the Remembrance Project, put together this great report following my efforts to correct the record from the Daily Breeze regarding our presence at the Carson Sheriff Oversight Commission Town Hall.

I am greatly indebted to her and the team that she leads, and this report below explains how We the People are the real media, ultimately, that we do not have to tolerate misreporting, distortions, and the like in our local press.

Thank you again, Robin!
We The People Rising
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NOTE: Below is the article about the LA County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission town hall in Carson.  The reporter covered The Remembrance Project and initially published many inaccuracies, such as misspelling Arthur Schaper's name, labeling the group for law enforcement anti-immigrant rather than being against ILLEGAL immigration, claiming that Marcello Bisarello was ALLEGEDLY killed by an illegal when the record documents he was killed by a previously deported illegal alien. AFTER ARTHUR COMMUNICATED WITH THE REPORTER ALL OF THE ERRORS WERE CORRECTED AND THE REPORTER APOLOGIZED TO ARTHUR! The article was corrected and the published article below reflects all of the corrections THANKS TO ARTHUR SCHAPER!

The quest of the members of The Remembrance Project and pro law activists for LA County Sheriff Villanueva to replace the more than 50 SB 54 misdemeanor crimes removed by the sheriff is covered in the article.

Daily Breeze
Sheriff’s oversight commission in listening mode at recent Carson town hall
PUBLISHED: May 4, 2019 at 7:30 am | UPDATED: May 6, 2019 at 11:01 am


Arthur Schaper holds up a T-shirt with a picture of Marcello Bisarello, who was killed in a hit-and-run car accident in 2015 by an undocumented immigrant, at a town hall meeting of the L.A. County Civilian Oversight Commission Tuesday, April 30, at the Carson Community Center. (Photo by David Rosenfeld)

Undocumented immigrants, mental health and the treatment of inmates were among the subjects that caused tensions to flare in Carson this week during a town hall meeting of the Los Angeles County Civilian Oversight Commission.

But for the commission, it was nothing new.

The nine-member panel’s job is to advise the L.A. County Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff’s Department — and act as a bridge to the public. The board has done so since its 2016 creation in the wake of allegations of inmate abuse.

But it’s a role that can often be fraught with controversy.

More than 50 people attended the Tuesday evening, April 30, meeting at the Carson Community Center to voice their opinions on a range of law-enforcement issues. The commission, as is typical, mostly listened.

“The town halls are an important part of the work we do,” said commission chairwoman Patti Giggans. “Our role is to be a bridge between the Sheriff’s Department and the community.

“And,” she added, “also to hopefully promote trust between the community and the Sheriff’s Department.”

But that’s easier said than done. The commission has looked into plenty already during Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s approximately six months in office, including recently ordering a 90-day investigation into secret deputy subgroups.

The panel has also recommended the department increase the number of mental health professionals who can respond to emergency situations — which the department obeyed, Giggans said.

“We don’t just listen,” she said. “Then we act.”

The listening, though, can be just as challenging.

Reggie Bunch, for example, criticized VIllanuena for his hiring practices. In January, the supervisors rebuked Villanueva for rehiring a deputy fired for allegations connected to domestic violence.

Bunch, with inmate advocacy group Dignity and Power Now, said the department has a long way to go toward rooting out corruption at the jails and improving the treatment of inmates.

“Villanueva is going out of his way to rehire those deemed unfit,” Bunch said.

A group of activists opposed to undocumented immigration also showed up Tuesday. Some of them held signs and wore T-shirts bearing photos of people they say were killed by undocumented immigrants. They were there to fight against Villanueva’s February announcement that the Sheriff’s Department would eliminate 50 misdemeanor offenses normally requiring Customs and Immigration Enforcement to be notified

Robin Hvidston, who is with the Remembrance Project, an anti-illegal immigration organization, was among the crowd. She said it was her goal to see those 50 misdemeanors put back on the list of offenses that can be reported to ICE.

“Only in L.A. County can you not be deported for these crimes,” Hvidston said.

Since Villanueva was sworn into office in December, the department has been the subject of heated public debate over how it balances a relationship with ICE.

Villanueva, who ran on promises to kick ICE officials out of the jail, drew criticism from some of his supporters when, after just a week in office, he said ICE contractors would still be allowed at the jail.

And while the Sheriff did eliminate those 50 misdemeanors, the department will still post the release date of inmates — often used by ICE to intercept undocumented immigrants upon their release.

In the middle, of course, is the commission.

“It’s very complicated,” Giggins said. “We are trying to sort it out to the best of our ability. It’s not going to satisfy any of us. Our job is to make sure the community understands what the sheriff is doing and what he plans to do. And then hold his feet to the fire.”

This report was amended to correct an error in a photo caption, add details about the case portrayed in the photo’s caption and to clarify the role of the Remembrance Project.


Bribery of state ministerial officer  

influencing or corrupting a juror, umpire, or referee

A loaded firearm within the state capitol, any legislative office

Loaded firearm in the Governor's mansion

DUI without gross negligence

Assault upon the president or vice president, or others in government

Throwing objects at a train

Hazing that results in death/great bodily injury

Intent to cause a riot (NOTE: 404.6(b) is NOT detainable)

Looting (Note: 463(c) is NOT detainable

Forgery/counterfeiting driver's license or I.D. card  

Displaying or possessing forged driver's license or I.D. card to accomplish a forgery

Forgery, or counterfeiting any public or corporate

Falsely impersonating another in an official capacity

Obtaining identifying information and using that information for any unlawful purpose

Defraud under false pretenses

Mortgage fraud

Obtaining money or property by means of any false or fraudulent sale of property by auction

Buy, sell or receive property from which the serial number has been removed

Taking or removing mortgaged property without consent

Transmitting for the purpose of furthering a scheme to obtain private information

False or fraudulent insurance claim

Vandalism with priors

Possession of knife on school property

Solicits certain crimes (NOTE: 653.23 is NOT detainable)

Attempt of a crime (combined with any crime listed on this table)

FTA After O.R. Release on Felony Charge

Escapes or attempts to escape state prison (Deuel Vocational Institute)

 Escape, attempted escape while on work furlough jail, industrial farm. Etc...

Escape from a state hospital or other mental health facility

Giving, mailing, or sending a false weapon of mass destruction

Possession of air gauge knife

 Possession of a belt buckle knife

Possession of a cane sword

Possession of a lipstick knife

Possession of a shobi -zue

Possession of a writing pen knife

Possession of a ballistic knife

Possession of metal knuckles

Possession of nunchaku

Possession of a sap or billy club

Possession of shuriken

Possession of a cane gun

Possession of a wallet gun

Criminal storage of a firearm

Possession of ammunition containing flechette dart or explosive

Possession of a zip gun

Induce minor to violate certain controlled substance laws

Induce minor to violate certain controlled substance laws by false pretense

It is Attachment D at the link below, after page 25:

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