Friday, May 10, 2019

WOW! Hawaii (RINO) GOP Under Federal Investigation (HIRA Warned You! AUWE!)


Aloha Republicans:

Today’s the day we need to ask ourselves this important question:  After hearing just a fraction of the evidence in the video below, do we believe Shirlene Ostrov and her Ward-Tupola-aligned cronies have knowingly placed the Hawaii Republican Party in jeopardy of being politically and financially handicapped for years to come thanks to the prospect of big fines and possible criminal charges resulting from extensive corruption at 725 Kapiolani Blvd.?
For those of us who genuinely want the GOP to become the majority party in Hawaii so we can fix the mess left by 65 years of failed Democrat and RINO rule, Ostrov’s corruption cannot be swept under the rug because it won’t stay there for long.
Today, the Hawaii GOP is under investigation by multiple federal law enforcement agencies and multiple state agencies will soon be initiating their own investigations after several whistleblowers have stepped forward to expose the serious financial and political corruption at the hands of current state chairwoman Ostrov, finance chairman Mark Blackburn and their cronies.  The U.S. Attorney, the FBI, and the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) are just a few of the agencies reviewing and investigating the overwhelming evidence of deliberate wrongdoing inside our state party . . . an investigation begun thanks to HIRA’s recording of a secret meeting and conference call of top party officers inside party headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd. shortly after the disastrous 2018 Election.  The true confessions of wrongdoing are really quite shocking and are backed up by evidence galore.


(Here's the memo sent to the Hawaii GOP’s executive committee and state committee by Dennis Lennox the mailand political consultant secretly hired and utilized by the Hawaii GOP throughout 2018 but whose substantial expenses covered by secret slush funds were never reported to federal or state agencies as if Lennox never existed.  This truthful and provocative memo led to the revealing discussion by nearly all top state party leaders - a discussion captured in its entirety on tape by HIRA )

Today, Crooked Shirlene Ostrov and her fellow candidates for party office are acting like nothing’s wrong.  They want the average party member to think there’s nothing to the crimes they are accused of committing.  Ostrov, Gene Ward, Bob McDermott, Gwen Honjo, Mary Smart, Greg Lussier, Steve Yoder, Jane Tatibouet and other party leaders with legal and fiduciary responsibility to the state party have circled the wagons to prevent being caught in a web of money laundering, false reporting, wire fraud, and multiple illegal slush funds during 2018.  Widely-reported document shredding inside party headquarters is just some of the obstruction of justice engaged in by Ostrov and her cronies to cover their tracks.

Politics is serious business and requires political parties and campaigns to follow strict laws and regulations.  Shirlene Ostrov and her cronies (both old and new) know this.  Federal and state laws on campaign finance are crystal clear.  All income by parties and other campaign committees must be reported.  And all expenses must be reported, even if paid for by others.  There are also clear limits to how much individuals can donate, even if trying to illegally circumvent these limits by laundering funds through Shirlene’s hands at HRP.  And even bills which haven’t been paid must be reported.  Total transparency is the name of the game and the price of admission.  Unfortunately, Shirlene Ostrov’s Gang is as crooked as they come and they will take down our party for years to come.

Judge for yourself and listen to the damning audio above which launched a federal, multi-agency investigation which has revealed a mountain of documents, banking records, secret e-mails, travel records, deleted social media posts, secret contracts and much more -- much of which Ostrov tried to shred at GOP state party headquarters.  All of this will lead to the Hawaii GOP’s further demise at the hands of Ostrov and her allies Tupola and Ward.  You need to know that in all these months, state party leaders have refused to amend these reports . . . fraudulent reports which Ostrov’s new treasurer candidate Marilyn Moniz will inherit joint legal responsibility for.

KEEP THIS IN MIND:   Justice is definitely coming.  Ostrov’s running mates know what she has done.  Recently resigned treasurer Gwen Honjo knows it.  Current treasurer Mary Smart knows it.  And incoming treasurer Marilyn Moniz knows it.  They all know what Shirlene Ostrov, Mark Blackburn, and the ENTIRE executive committee of the Hawaii GOP know.  Phony reports have been filed with both the federal government (FEC) and the state government (CSC) to evade getting in trouble for the illegal slush funds, money laundering, and wire fraud routinely conducted by Ostrov and her Tupola-Ward cronies.  Now, Ostrov’s new crew is VOUCHING for her and they clearly DON’T CARE about her corruption.

THINK ABOUT IT:  When justice comes, would it be better for HRP to be in trouble because of the newly re-elected state chair or because of a former state chair who was cut loose?  Yes, think about that.  Because a vote for Ostrov and her RINO slate of corruption-lovers actually makes you complicit in supporting the same corruption which will inevitably lead to fines and possible criminal prosecution.  Why would Hawaii Republicans knowingly embrace a cabal which might soon have to spend your donations to the state party to pay fines and possibly even toward a legal defense fund of the Ostrov-Tupola-Ward officer cabal?

Since Ostrov and her cabal won't keep you informed or even tell you the truth that she and her running mates are hiding things they don't want exposed (and manipulating state conventions with crooked tactics ranging from voter disenfranchisement to phony rulings to scripted outcomes and elimination of discussion), HIRA will always try to tell you what you deserve to know.

Just know that in response to HIRA's exposure of corruption, liberalism and incompetence at the Hawaii GOP, party leaders in the Ostrov-Tupola-Ward Cabal are demanding the signing of non-disclosure agreements by all party officers to protect the corruption from whistleblowers and are pushing new rules to terminate members who expose or even criticize the corrupt, discredited officers.

By now, every single one of Ostrov's running mates for party office know about her corruption and the ongoing criminal investigations.  In fact, they seem perfectly content that Ostrov is shredding documents while the Hawaii GOP is being investigated for money laundering, wire fraud, false reporting, and other crimes.  Ostrov's new treasurer candidate Marilyn Moniz doesn’t seem to care about getting involved with ongoing conspiracies to break laws.  Al Frenzel doesn’t care.  Jane Tatibouet doesn’t care.  Ray L’Heureux doesn’t care.  Steve Lipscomb doesn’t care.  ‘Pastor’ Rojo Herreradoesn’t care.    Miriam Hellreich doesn’t care.  Rapist Demont Conner doesn’t care.  Andria Tupola doesn’t care.  Gene Ward staffer Kaeo Kealoha-Lindseydoesn’t care.  And Gene Ward himself DEFINITELY does not care.

Yes, there’s a lot at stake for our party in 2019 due to crimes committed for the past two years right through the present day.  Hawaii's Republicans have suffered at the hands of these corrupt RINO's long enough.  Nothing changes this weekend except that we’re even closer to a Day of Reckoning for The Ostrov-Tupola-Ward Cabal’s crimes . . . and they are still keeping this a secret from tens of thousands of Republicans in Hawaii just like YOU.

Stay tuned for more shocking information about what these RINO’s have been doing to destroy the Hawaii Republican Party from the inside, year after year after year.  They’ll say (e.g. lie) and do (e.g. steal) anything to retain that ability to sabotage the conservative agenda and keep the Democrat agenda moving forward with the help of the Hawaii GOP and the Republican caucus at the legislature.  ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Auwe!!

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