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AUWE! Hawaii RINOs and Their Deep State Corruption

** DEEP STATE PARTY CORRUPTION:  Kauai GOP Ousts Cheating County Chair and Fake Delegates **
THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK:  Shirlene Ostrov Responds with Even More Lying & Cheating to Save Crooked Steve Yoder (and his illegitimate pro-Ostrov delegates)

Aloha Republicans:

Many of you have witnessed the dramatic fighting back and forth over the election fraud and delegate disenfranchisement (a.k.a. cheating) inside Kauai's GOP; pitting Crooked 2015-2019 county chair Steve Yoder against conservative challenger Honest Dave Hamman for the 2019-2021 county chairmanship on the Garden Isle, a place where ZERO elected Republicans have held office during Yoder's entire sad tenure in office.

BREAKING NEWS:  Here is the very latest in the shocking cheating scandal which casts considerable doubt on the legitimacy of this weekend's state GOP convention on Maui, where widespread cheating has produced illegitimate delegates who are now on their way to Maui to choose new state party leaders.

An overwhelming vote of the Kauai GOP's rules committee and executive committee have reviewed the fraud perpetrated by Steve Yoder in order to facilitate his reelection back in March.  Their verdict?  Yoder is out, the county convention results have been tossed out, a new convention has been called for June, and Dave Hamman has been named the interim county chair.

Well, that was enough to cause Shirlene Ostrov to reveal her inner cheater, since she's done a lousy job of disguising her desire for Yoder to remain in that position -- a position which holds a crucial vote on the state party's executive committee -- and she's done an even lousier job containing her intention of letting Yoder's phony convention delegates travel to Maui this weekend and vote for her re-election.

And so, this past Monday, desperate Ostrov sent Dave Hamman the most ridiculous 'cease and desist' letter you'll ever read.  In summary, Ostrov ordered Hamman to ignore the cheating, accept defeat, let Yoder be county chair, and get excited about helping these cheating leaders by enthusiastically licking their stamps and stuffing their envelopes despite having been robbed of certain victory.

But the most noteworthy aspect of Ostrov's letter to Hamman is her willingness as the current leader of the Hawaii Republican Party to completely invent some facts and completely ignore other facts to reach her phony conclusion.

Check out Ostrov's phony reasoning and false timeline upon which she relies for her fraudulent conclusions.  Though the letter was actually authored by Elvie Leming (legal secretary at the Carlsmith Ball law firm) and then modified by Ann Correa Kemp (HRP state rules chair) for Shirlene Ostrov's signature, here's what Ostrov 'wrote' in her letter to Hamman to protect her boy Yoder . . .

"On the County level, to have challenged the election of Chair Yoder, you should have submitted your challenge in writing to the Kauai Rules Committee within 10 days so that the Kauai Rules Committee could make a recommendation to Kauai County Executive Committee, who would decide the election challenge."

What Ostrov pretends never happened is precisely what did happen.  Within days of the March 23rd county convention at which Yoder squeaked by with just enough votes (thanks to his replacing two dozen or more legitimate delegates with illegitimate ones), a dozen or more official complaints were filed in a timely fashion by Kauai Republicans with that island’s county rules committee headed by Dave Hamman -- the same committee which Ostrov refers to.  These same timely complaints (like this one which the KRP rules committee entitled "Exhibit 27" and was filed just 48 hours after the fraudulent county convention) led directly to rulings by the Kauai rules committee and then the Kauai GOP executive committee that the county convention was bogus, that cheating was rampant, that a new convention would be scheduled in June, and that Steve Yoder was out.

As if Ostrov didn't think she had lied enough, she doubled down on her lies . . .

"The key point to remember is that the Kauai County Convention elected officers for 2019-2021 and no challenge to their election has been timely filed with the Kauai County Committee."
Again, Ostrov is lying because a challenge to that rigged election of Yoder and his fellow KRP officers is EXACTLY what happened.  The Kauai Rules Committee acted on these timely complaints by voting to overturn Yoder's phony and rigged county convention and the legitimate members of the Kauai GOP Committee (the ones who didn't cheat) voted overwhelmingly to toss out the election results because Steve Yoder and his cronies had flagrantly broken party rules to retain power and disenfranchise legitimate delegates.

In fact, for weeks prior to the ill-fated March 2019 county convention on Kauai, Dave Hamman dutifully challenged the cheating by Yoder, Ostrov, Correa, and other top party officers who were trying to manipulate the outcome by crossing off the names of pro-Hamman delegates who were legitimately credentialed by the three district chairman on Kauai and REPLACING legitimate delegates with Yoder's cronies based on encouragement to cheat by Ostrov and Correa.

Anyone following the antics of HRP's Ostrov and Kauai's Steve Yoder over the past two months knows that these two crooked RINO's have been desperately trying to squelch the conservative uprising by Kauai Republicans disgusted with sorry leadership from both Yoder and Ostrov.

Ostrov simply wants rule-abiding conservative Republicans to accept her lies as the final word on the subject as if it's too late to do the right thing.

Interim KRP Chair, Dave Hamman, replied to Ostrov's insane 'cease and desist' rantings this way:  "Shirlene, it is sad that you continue to persist in misrepresenting the facts.  As well, what is even more egregious is that you disrespect the KRP Rules Committee and the KRP Executive Committee."

Yes indeed, Ostrov just pulls 'shibai' out of her okole and presents them as facts.

It's even sadder that neither the HRP state committee nor the HRP executive committee has intervened about Ostrov's and Yoder's conspiracy to defraud Kauai Republicans of a fair and free election of party officers.  But many of them are complicit in this scheme because they are aligned with the progressive, RINO Tupola-Ward-Ostrov faction that now holds power.  These corrupt party leaders SIMPLY DO NOT CARE that Ostrov invents facts to serve her purposes of saving Yoder (and his illegitimate pro-Ostrov delegates) and effectively flushes the remainder of her own integrity down the toilet in a desperate attempt to win at all costs . . . with zero regard for the damage Ostrov is doing to party unity.

It’s time for Shirlene Ostrov and Steve Yoder to cease and desist.  The masquerade is over.  Yoder is yesterday’s news.  And it’s time for Ostrov to step aside.  In fact, HIRA believes that the time has come for her 2019-2021 slate of party officer wannabes to step up and dump that lying sleaze while they still have a shred of integrity.  Every single person running for party office this coming Saturday KNOWS what has transpired.  And the silence from 99% of them is what will be remembered after this weekend's state convention.

They KNOW that far more delegates got elected and appointed who supported Yoder’s challenger Dave Hamman than support Yoder for another two years.  They KNOW that Yoder openly admitted that his days as county chair were numbered.  They KNOW that instead of losing gracefully, Yoder worked with Ostrov and her zero integrity rules chair Ann Correa Kemp to cook the books; with Yoder and his cronies improperly DELETING the names of eligible delegates for the contested Kauai GOP county convention while improperly ADDING pro-Yoder sycophants to the delegate roster.  They also KNOW that Yoder even admitted to more than a dozen witnesses before the State Rules Committee that he improperly changed the delegate lists from all three house districts on Kauai -- a clear violation of very clear rules.  Cheating, in other words.

But that's not the outcome Ostrov and her Tupola-Ward RINO cabal wanted.  Ostrov and her RINO Cabal slate know the score.  But, thus far, they think she'll get away with even more cheating on Maui this weekend.

Without question, Kauai Republicans led by Dave Hamman followed the rules and dealt with Steve Yoder’s (and Shirlene Ostrov’s) systematic cheating in a timely fashion by acting on many quickly submitted complaints about the fraudulent Kauai GOP county convention.  They did the right things.  Now, Ostrov continues to do the wrong things.

As anyone can plainly see, Shirlene Ostrov's willingness to steal an election and cover up outright fraud makes her the biggest liar in Hawaii politics today.  Her entire regime at HRP is corrupt.  And the new slate which backs Ostrov appears to be as morally bankrupt as they come.*   (* more about this tomorrow).

BE WARNED:   As you’ll hear tomorrow, those Ostrov-aligned wannabes have rallied around a likely criminal who is under investigation by the FBI, the FEC, the U.S. Attorney’s office, and several state agencies.  Ms. Ostrov hasn’t told you this because, well, she’s trying to cling to power and doesn't want you to worry about pesky things like big fines or prosecutions.  The further implosion of the Hawaii GOP in 2019 will be caused by the Ostrov-Tupola-Ward Gang.  THIS KIND OF SERIOUS LEGAL TROUBLE IS WHAT SHIRLENE OSTROV BRINGS TO THE HAWAII REPUBLICAN PARTY. IT'S THE KIND OF TROUBLE WHICH MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CONVINCE VOTERS TO EVER REPLACE DEMOCRATS WITH GOP CANDIDATES.

Anyway folks, the entire state convention on Maui is a fraud.  Manipulated delegate lists are already in play thanks to the cheating on Kauai.  And such rulebreaking manipulations are just as likely from Maui and the Big Island, since each of these counties have been working in cahoots with Crooked Ostrov and Corrupt state rules chair Ann Correa to help secure Ostrov's unwarranted re-election.

So now you know the real facts about the lying and cheating by the Democrat Party’s favorite GOP chair of all time -- the one whose corrupt actions and proud incompetence helps Democrats to sleep soundly every night.  That's our very own Cheatin' Shirlene Ostrov-Blackburn, the pride of Mililani's RINO's.  Auwe!

Finally, don't pin any hopes on current party leaders to stop all this cheating.  They've been turning a blind eye for two months.  In addition to the many financial crimes of Ostrov and fellow officers, every member of the party's top leadership knows that the Ostrov-Tupola-Ward gang actively utilized cheating sanctioned by Ostrov and Ann Correa at the March 2019 Honolulu GOP convention by authorizing neighbor islanders to fly to Oahu and improperly vote for Henry Vincent.  That tactic was specifically requested by Maui GOP chair Greg Lussier for the benefit of Henry Vincent, while the cheating orchestrated by Yoder on Kauai in March 2019 was openly supported by the Ostrov-Tupola-Ward sycophants who were installed as county chairs in West Hawaii and East Hawaii.

Folks, that's the dismal state of our party.  Even more disturbing information is coming from HIRA tomorrow.  Stay tuned and brace yourselves.

Stay tuned for more shocking information about what these RINO’s have been doing to destroy the Hawaii Republican Party from the inside, year after year after year.  They’ll say (e.g. lie) and do (e.g. steal) anything to retain that ability to sabotage the conservative agenda and keep the Democrat agenda moving forward with the help of the Hawaii GOP and the Republican caucus at the legislature.  ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Auwe!!


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