Friday, May 10, 2019

Call to Action to OC Board of Ed/Anaheim Union HSD: Remove Planned Murderhood from Public Schools!

Hello, OC/CA MassResistance:

We are grateful for those of you who were able to attend the May 7th, 2019 AUHSD school board meeting.

They are feeling more of the heat!

So, I am asking all of you to email the following the OC Board of Education:;

Tell them to:

1. Direct every school district in Orange County to remove Planned Parenthood from any (or all) instruction programs and contracts, including sex-ed. The implementation of any third-party, biased curriculum is a violation of AB 329. Besides that, Planned Parenthood as an immoral and unhealthful agency dedicated to ruining young lives and limited the population of minority communities, especially African-Americans.

2. Direct every school district to disinvite and disallow the entry and implementation of any program connected to or supported by the OC LGBT Center, and especially the presence and promotion of OC LGBT Director Laura Kanter.

Kanter's abusive antics with her fellow activists and her offensive rhetoric on social media should alone disqualify her from any presence or purpose in Orange County public schools.

Her antics:

Her rhetoric:

Then contact the Anahiem Union High School District Board and Stafff.;;;

Tell them to:

1. Remove Planned Murderhood Parenthood from all schools in the district.
2. Call for the board to hold a special meeting in May 2019 to affirm that Planned Parenthood and other biased third-party vendors will never teach ANY curriculum in the schools, especially without parental permission.
3. Demand presentation and offering of "opt in" forms must be prepared for all parents regarding sex-ed for all future years and courses.
4. Remove OC LGBT Center influence, including Director Laura Kanter, as well as from communication or connection with school site staff and curriculum roles in the school district.

Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

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