Friday, May 10, 2019

Mission America Reveals the Truth: Grassroots Passed Ohio Heartbeat Bill

Now this is how it is done.

Sadly, there are more establishment-leaning pro-family groups which take the credit, or they run in front of a cause after it has developed considerable support after the grassroots groups punch hard and demand leadership and action.

Thank God for people like Linda Harvey, who fight their hardest in their home states for what is right!

Ohio Right To Life Suddenly Loves the Heartbeat Bill?
Let's get the story straight -- by Linda Harvey

Janet Porter, Rep. Ron Hood, Former Rep. Christina Hagan-Nemeth, Lori Viars, Mark Harrington and other Heartbeat heroes.
This should just make pro-life people in Ohio sick.

The behavior of Ohio Right to Life regarding the Heartbeat Bill has been nothing short of appalling.

Everyone knows who the force behind the Heartbeat Bill was: Janet Porter. But Porter was not invited to the signing of the bill.

A story from the Associated Press quotes Mike Gonidakis of ORTL, when asked why Janet Porter was not at the signing of the Heartbeat Bill, and here's what Gonidakis said:

"Asked about Porter's absence from the bill-signing, Gonidakis said the appropriate people were invited 'bar none.'

"'I would say that the right people were in the room,' he said. 'It was to thank the governor and to celebrate a huge pro-life victory. It was a very diverse group, from pregnancy centers to local groups to pastors to legislative officials. I think it was a great cross-section of those who support life in the state of Ohio.'"

SO, I asked Janet what she might have to say about this. She told me:

"Mike Gonidakis lobbied with Planned Parenthood against the Heartbeat Bill for 9 years. He twice called for a veto of the nation's most protective bill, but as soon as it was clear it would pass, he jumped in front of the parade to pretend he had something to do with its passing. It passed in spite of Mike Gonidakis and Ohio Right to Life."

Read the entire Associated Press article

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