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HIRA Vote Guide for Hawaii GOP Leadership--Vote for David Hamman!

CANDIDATE #1:   Pat Saiki
(dropped out for health reasons):

"I feel today, it is imperative that we become again a viable opposition party, respected and acknowledged by the community.  In Hawaii, where Democrats control every level of government, we must be the LOYAL OPPOSITION to be sure the minority is heard loud and clear.  I will do my best to resurrect what we once were – an opposition Party we can all be proud of and one that receives respect for our fundamental principles."
“Our Party has gone astray in many ways these past few years. Today, we do not have a Finance Chairman or a working Finance Committee, we don’t have the funds to afford paid staff, including an Executive Director, and our financial reserves are low and there is no ongoing direct mail finance program. We need funds to more effectively communicate our positions on the issues and express our concerns for better government.  Our current Chairman is not engaged in regular major donor solicitations or programs. To make matters worse, the annual traditional major fundraising events such as the “Lincoln Day Dinner” have been rescheduled so many times and postponed to the point where the net returns have been minimal.
"Without messaging and effective communication to the general public as to what our Party stands for with hopes and plans for the future, it is understandable that we can be effectively dismissed and ignored. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE!"

"Unfortunately, this very headquarters is not being used to its capacity for lack of activities.  Meetings are not being held as scheduled according to our Party Rules and decisions are being made “top down”. This must be changed! Our Party members must be involved and encouraged to participate in decision making."
We now have only FIVE Republican state legislators in the State House of FIFTY-ONE, and only ONE Republican Senator of TWENTY-FIVE. The real shocker is that in the 2018 election, we failed to compete in THIRTY-TWO House Seats and EIGHT Senate seats. That’s a total of FORTY seats in the Legislature which we conceded to Democrats!  This cannot continue, we have the re-election of President Donald J. Trump at stake in 2020! We must be better prepared to support him. For these and many other reasons, I am asking for your support and assistance. We must work together to face the many challenges before us and address Hawaii’s need for good governance.”

CANDIDATE #2:   Shirlene Ostrov

CANDIDATE #3:   Dave Hamman

I am David R Hamman, and I am running for the State Chair position of the Hawaii Republican Party on May 11, 2019.

I have lived in Hawaii 30 years.

As well, I have been around the HRP for quite a number of years. I know the issues and the players.

The following is the essence of why I am running.

We have a responsibility to take a stand for righteousness in our society.

The political and governmental arena in this state has been an overwhelming pathetic display of the absence of Divine conscience and righteousness for decades.

We have lived in a state overwhelmingly controlled by one party for decades.

That party has encouraged out of control spending [actually bankrupting the state with $25 Billion in unfunded liabilities - state workers will end up retiring only to find there is no money to pay them], providing no sensible solutions for the homeless, providing no sensible solutions for housing for the working class, over bearing individuals and businesses with the highest tax burden in the country - including on food and medicine.

To say the least, these positions and results do not align with a Divine righteous viewpoint of economics.

As well, let us observe the positions, environment, and overall tone this controlling party has set and enacted into law regarding specific behavior relating to individuals and family.

We see a welfare system that generously supports sex out of marriage and children being born out of marriage - including for those who actively engage in serious patterns of irresponsible behavior and drug use. In fact the welfare system in Hawaii is more generous to those who are not married than to those who are.

We watched this state go from violating Divine principles of sexual behavior and the Divine principles of marriage and family by observing this state go to formal civil unions [which only allowed the same civil rights that existed on the books already] to same sex marriages and the glorification of such behavior in the public arena - an open out right act of defiance against God and His design.

Following that, we observed the acceleration of homosexual, transgender, multi-gender indoctrination [all doctrines that conflict with our Creator and His design] of the weakest and most potentially vulnerable of our society, our children. They began being inundated with curriculum and material attempting to influence them with the idea that unrighteous behavior is acceptable, and to take it to an extreme, actually righteous - a grand perversion. Yes, they had the audacity to call it "Pono" Choices. If that isn't the epitome of out right deceit, perversion, and evil, I don't know what is.

Kindergartners have been confronted and forced to deal with questions and issues like which gender they identify with [potentially other than what they were physically born], which gender bathroom they would prefer to use, why does so and so have two mommies or two daddies, and why is it better that way? This is the type of intense indoctrination the children endure in the public school system in Hawaii.

This last legislative session we watched as the obviously out of control Honolulu Rail project advanced with no real accountability. A project that has screamed out the appearance of out right theft, political corruption, and graft with an estimated expenditure of $1 billion per mile - absolute insanity - I used to be involved in heavy construction and was the project manager a short time in CA for the construction of bridges. If you research the average cost of one mile of bridge, you will find Caltrans estimates $30 million. If you estimate every bell and whistle into that bridge, you are potentially at $60 million per mile. Okay, let's just throw in an extra $40 million for Hawaiian waste. You would be at an excessive $100 million per one mile of bridge. The Honolulu authority is telling us they spent 10 times that amount per mile, and they cannot tell us where the money went. They have constructed 11 miles of such rail at this outrageously [you would have to get insanely creative to spend that amount of money per mile] purported expense and have been approved by the legislature to continue at the same rate with no accountability, no defined deadline, and no defined final cost.

They have indebted the entire state taking whatever limited valuable resources once existed for outer islands, have indebted our grandchildren’s grandchildren for decades to come, and are now attempting to create new taxes to cover up for the $ Billions they have pocketed.

Beyond that, we have seen the assisted suicide bill pass the legislature. Here we have a major conflict with God - [assisted murder?]. First of all, I think there is a major moral issue based upon God's text in the act of suicide. It violates numerous Divine principles. But now, on top of that the legislature supposedly legally empowered doctors [who ironically took a Hippocratic oath] to now assist in taking a life. We are headed into pure evil. [I can empathize with pain but not with violation of Divine law.] How do we know Johnny and Mary don't want to receive their inheritance early? We have entered into the realm of major sin and the Pandora’s box effect of multiplied varieties of sin that exponentially accelerate off a faulty premise.

As well, we had the gender-counseling bill that basically forbids counselors from counseling gender-disturbed children to stabilize them in the gender they were born. Thus no parent would be allowed to receive the assistance from a counselor to assist in such counseling.

But the bill does allow the counselor to provide sex change counseling - [outrageous].

Not only is this a perverted attempt to indoctrinate and thrust an anti-God agenda on us, this is an absolute violation of our first amendment rights to freedom of speech as well as to freedom of religion and the basic principle that a parent maintains the sovereign guardianship rights of decisions to the health and well being of his or her child.
So, to every person cares about righteousness in the state of Hawaii, where were you? And where are you?

Where was and where is your voice?

We know the party that promotes and caters to this type of evil. We know the party that supports failed liberal policies.

It is obviously the Democrat party.

In the midst of all this evil, there has been the bewildering eerie silence.

The HRP under Shirlene Ostrov as chair has failed miserably to provide us a voice relating to the matters in the public arena that we care about and that affect us, our family, our friends, and our neighbors on a daily basis.

When you look at all the major issues addressed this last session, there was no clear message of opposition to this unrighteous insanity being expressed on TV, Radio, Newspaper, or social media to the voting public.

The Hawaii Republican Party under Shirlene Ostrov has become an indifferent silent entity failing to put out a strong message to the general voting public.

The HRP under Shirlene Ostrov is plagued with duplicity and internal corruption, as well as a lack of resources, personnel, a lack of a functioning teleconference system, and numerous other logistical deficiencies.

I aim to change that. I aim to create an effective political action organization that goes after failed liberal policies and turns this state around to what is in the best interests for those who live here [rather than to exist as a “party” characterized as a social club.

I need your vote.  Thank you!

David R Hamman


2019 Convention Voter Guide provided as a service
of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)

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