Thursday, March 1, 2018

WAT?! California Pro-Life Council's "Endorsement" for John Cox, Double Standard Against Travis Allen

Once again, I am spending some time looking into this pro-choice/pro-life debate or debacle between Travis Allen and John Cox.

The argument for the last five months has been that Travis Allen is a baby-killer, walking in lock-step with Planned Murderhood.

I did some basic research online to look over what is going on. That is not true. Here's the link for Allen's record from Planned Murderhood. Unlike three-time loser John Cox, Allen  has a legislative voting record.

Full disclosure: I am pro-life, and I believe that there should be very strict, limited exceptions for abortion:

a. Rape.
b. Incest.
c. Life of the mother.

Some pro-life advocates may consider my views too liberal. That's their decision. I am pro-life.

Also, I am not a single-issue voter. Illegal immigration, labor union corruption, school choice, tax and spending reductions are very important to me. First Amendment protections are essential, and I care about life as well as family.

The life issue is not the most pertinent issue for me in this gubernatorial election either. For me, the state of California has gone from first to worst in large part because of illegal immigration.

We need to combat this scourge, secure our borders, and put the safety and well-being of California citizens first.

Now ...

I have been seeing this snippet shared at great-length for a long time, which states that Travis Allen is a pro-choice Republican:

Where does this page come from?

The California Pro-Life Council.

This is what is listed at the top of the page:

The list that has Travis Allen listed as "pro-choice" comes from an endorsement list from 2016.

It's not from 2018.

I looked over the page, and I found no information about Election 2018.

What is going on?

Now, which candidates did California Pro-Life Council endorse?

I am going to select two other Republican assemblymembers:

Young Kim (R-Fullerton)

David Hadley (R-Torrance)

Now, what were the Planned Murderhood scores for the three candidates?


David Hadley: 17%

Young Kim: 17%

Travis Allen: 0%


David Hadley: 67%

Young Kim: 67%

Travis Allen: 67%

There were two other very sensitive pieces of legislation which pushed an aggressive, abusive pro-abortion agenda.

AB 775: This bill would have forced pregnancy centers to inform patients how to get an abortion, even if the center was committed to the pro-life agenda.

How did the three Assemblymembers vote on this legislation? All three of them voted NO!

David Hadley: YES (This was a gut punch for me. I was really sad about it)

Young Kim: No

Travis Allen: No

Now, with part of the whole record presented to you, let's now consider the California Pro-Life Council endorsements for the different assemblymembers in their bid for office in 2016:

AD 65 Young Kim- although some of her votes have been disappointing, she is still a better candidate than the pro-abortion alternative

AD 66 David Hadley- is not a strong advocate for life, but better than the pro-abortion alternative

But Travis Allen is not acceptable because he is a "pro-choice Republican".

Huh? He got a lower score from Planned Murderhood and voted against AB 775 and AB 15.

What kind of standards is the California Pro-Life Council relying on, then, when it comes to life?

Hadley voted FOR Assisted Suicide, and yet still received more support than Travis.

Not only that, but there is nothing on the website to indicate that the group has endorsed anyone for Election 2018.

"You mean you're looking
up my endorsements?"

Yet ... Cox has listed them as one of his meager endorsements:

And here are the endorsements below:

Notice that it actually says "California Pro-Life PAC". More on this later.

Final Reflection

This is one of the most unsettling things that I have discovered yet in this campaign.

The California Pro-Life Council was more willing to support a candidate who had voted for assisted suicide, but then condemned a candidate who voted against assisted suicide, who received a 0% rating from Planned Murderhood three times?

I contacted another pro-life group in the state of California, and one of the people told me that they did not think that Travis Allen was enough of a vocal spokesman for life. 

What more do they want Allen to do? Burn down every Planned Parenthood clinic in the state of California?

The truth about John Cox (and it's not good)

By the way, I have never heard of the California Pro-Life Council until now.

What's more, I have found nothing, absolutely NOTHING on the website which lists an official endorsement for John Cox or any other candidate running for Governor in California.

What is going on?!

I contacted the California Pro-Life Council with the phone number listed on the website. Nothing came through.

Here's the phone number.  Give them a call yourself, see if you can get through to someone: (800) 924-2490

Why does John Cox and his supporters continue to claim that Cox is the candidate endorsed by the California Pro-Life Council, when there is no official endorsement available?

This smells fishy, corrupt, much like the same Chicago machine corruption that Barack Obama used to go from the state legislature to the United States Senate, and then the White House.

And who else comes from Chicago? Crappy John Cox!

Whatever endorsement process they have used in the past, it doesn't pass muster.

This whole fight over life is becoming more confusing and corrupt the more that I find out. 

First, John Cox lies about Travis Allen's record on life.

Now he is hyping an endorsement from a group with a very confusing, if not corrupt, endorsement process, if there is an endorsement at all.

What is going on?!

"UH OH! Better go back to Chicago!"


  1. Thank you for researching!!

  2. Arthur,


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