Thursday, March 29, 2018

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan: "I Work For You"

We need more governors in states across the country sending out similar eblasts and messages to their constituents.

All of them.

Maryland is a blue state, 2-to-1 Democratic, yet the Old Line State has a Republican Governor, and following Election 2014, Republicans controlled five of the nine county boards.

That's a commendable record for a state government where the people got tired of being pushed around and taxed to death. People got angry enough, and Larry Hogan provided an engine of change through his non-partisan organization "Change Maryland" to make a difference.

What do you want him to know?

When people ask me about the secret to our success, I have one answer: I listen.
Since Day One, I promised to put Maryland on a new path and create a brighter future for our citizens. I’ve worked to unite communities from all across Maryland to let them know they have a voice in our government — and I want to be sure I’m always listening — I want to hear what you think.
I didn’t look to Washington to tell me how to fix our economy. I talked to veteran small business owners, the entrepreneurs who were just getting started, and the workers who power our state to see what they needed to succeed.

I didn’t learn about frustrations and fear experienced by Baltimoreans during the riots by staring at my TV. I immediately moved my entire office to Baltimore where I walked the streets talking to people to ensure that peace and order were brought to our largest city.
To Washington, this might be unheard of. But to me, it’s common sense. And that right there is our recipe for success.
Throughout the three and a half years after taking the oath of office, I have led by those same principles. Now I need your help to continue to change Maryland for the better.
Thank you,
Gov. Hogan
Larry Hogan

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