Thursday, March 29, 2018

President Trump Gives Shout-Out to California Citizens Against Sanctuary State Lawlessness

After We the People Rising and LA County for Trump celebrated huge victories in Orange County against Sanctuary State lawlessness through SB 54, President Trump signalled to us his support and solidarity with our cause:

Truly, Mr. President--Thank you.

But ...

We need the President to do more than just tweet support.

We need more than lawsuits at this point.

We need the President,the leadership of ICE, and every other federal law enforcement official and deputy to take a stand against the lawlessness overrunning California and start arresting the lawless elected officials who put illegal aliens and their perverse agenda ahead of the rights and needs of American citizens.

Bring in the national guard, Mr. President. Let us know when you have the military preparations in place

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