Friday, March 30, 2018

San Dimas Avoids Sanctuary State Fight? Tell City Council "Opt Out of SB 54!"

I contacted the San Dimas City Council earlier this week, urging them to take on the SB 54 fight.

I received an email from Councilman Ryan Vienna:

Good morning Mr. Schaper,

First and foremost, thank you for taking a moment to write Council and staff.  It is appreciated.

As a point of clarification, I actually asked council to have this discussion after last meeting they would not even discuss the matter I brought forward with a urgency clause.  This was to ask the city to join the FAIR amicus briefing in support of the US DOJ lawsuit against the state.  The motion failed by one vote (3/5) to have the discussion.

As a result, in my public comments at the last two council meetings I shared my thoughts that the city must have this conversation.  This past meeting, Councilman Badar proposed a study session to discuss and Councilman Ebiner echoed that desire.  That’s how we got there. 

My plan will be to move the matter to a formal meeting after asking staff to prepare a resolution.  That is, if we can get it that far.

Thank you for all you do and keep fighting the fight.

Ryan A. Vienna
Council Member
City of San Dimas

City Hall: (909) 394-6200
Direct: (909) 480-1960''

Here is the next letter:

Without the strong input from the people, my fear is this City Council will choose to remain idle and take no action on this as a result of the study session.

 Please watch for the publicly posted meetings as well.  Specifically, for the study session.  If you visit the city’s website, , and check “Upcoming Events” on the homepage, click the events that say “Study Session” and then click to see the agenda.  If you see this topic, I invite you and all your neighbors to come speak during the Public Comments section to the City Council.  

Ryan A. Vienna
Council Member
City of San Dimas

City Hall:    (909) 394-6200
Direct:        (909) 480-1960

We need every city councilmember in San Dimas on board to go after Sanctuary State. Hardworking Californians in San Dimas and throughout the state of California deserve elected officials who will fight for their rights and stand with law enforcement, taxpayers, and the rule of law.

Contact the San Dimas City Council ASAP, and tell them: "Opt Out of SB 54!"


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