Wednesday, March 28, 2018

YouTube Anti-Free Speech: Community Strike for Hate Speech

Here we go.

After coming off fresh victories in Orange County, first at the Board of Supervisors, next at the City of Mission Viejo, I just received a community strike.


This is a joke!

Here is the statement from YouTube:

It's a joke for YouTube to claim that they support free speech, but condemn hate speech.

Speech is speech. All this talk about "hate speech" is a hollow fraud to justify shutting people down simply for saying things that people do not agree with or do not like.

Deal with it.

This is outrageous.

I have filed an appeal, which will be rejected.

But it's time to migrate away from YouTube next. We need different applications which will allow us to record events live and post them for everyone to see.

This is outrageous!

By the way ...

Here's the video that to struck down:

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