Saturday, March 17, 2018

Letter to the Editor: The President Has Waited Too Long

Hello, my name is Jeff Beck (although not “the” Jeff Beck) and I live in San Dimas, CA. I just read your article demanding that President Donald Trump and AG Sessions do their jobs where it comes to illegal immigration, especially in California. I was wondering if there is a petition or some other specific way in which I can add my voice to this call? I’m wondering if these men don’t realize that this is THE issue that put them where they currently are? 

Doesn’t the President realize that he’s already waited too long and we are starting to get really, really upset about it? These foreign and hostile invaders are overrunning our borders with the help of internal traitors and we are being slaughtered! I am not fully plugged in as it were, and ignorant as to the mechanisms available to me toward doing something. If you don’t have the time to respond, I fully understand and will simply continue looking on my own. Thank you for supplying your contact information on, and also thank you for the thoughtful and infuriating (in a good way) articles. God bless.

Jeff Beck

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