Monday, January 8, 2018

Vermont GOP: Democrats Ignore Emigration Data

Democratic House Speaker Cites "Moving Company" Data
to Ignore Vermont's Demographic Trends 

Speaker Johnson Ignores Data from US BLS, US Census, and VT DO
Berlin, VT – In an effort to assure Vermonters that all is well with our demographic and economic trends, Vermont House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D-Milton) tweeted United Van Lines’ survey of their own customers on inbound and outbound migration, which suggests Vermont had a high percent of inbound migration in 2017. However, in doing so, Johnson ignores thoroughly researched data from federal and state government that suggests otherwise.
This data includes:
  • The U.S. Census, which points to a 2,084 population decrease in Vermont since 2010—in addition to a net outward migration of 1,910 persons in 2014-2015, and a net migration rate of negative 3.1 in 2015-2016
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows Vermont’s labor force fell by 15,000 (or about 4.1 percent) between 2010 and 2016
  • The Vermont Department of Labor, suggesting Vermont’s labor force declined by 15,550 from April of 2009 to November of 2017
The truth of the population, labor force, and net migration statistics speak clear: Vermont’s economic trends are real and unsustainable. But Speaker Johnson would rather Vermonters ignore these demographic realities and focus on one “study” from a moving company’s own customers.
Why? Because it’s the Democrats’ misguided, tax and spend economic policies that have created an unaffordable economic environment, forcing people out of Vermont. Contrary to the rosy picture painted by Johnson, Vermonters’ are crippled by the burden of high cost of living, exacerbated by high taxes. The Democrats in Montpelier would rather you forget all about the economic challenges they’ve worsened.
Thankfully, Vermont Republicans and Governor Scott are committed to grow our economy, make Vermont more affordable, and protect the most vulnerable. You can help them by making a donation today.

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