Monday, January 8, 2018

Winning! Election 2018 Democratic Congressional Ballot Favorables in Decline

For the past three months, the liberal media has played up the idea that the Congressional Democrats are going to sweep local and federal elections in 2018. The GOP Majority has struggled to complete key planks of President Trump's MAGA agenda, in part because Establishment Republicans are more interested in the status quo than draining the swamp.

All of that changed the moment that Republicans lost a ruby red US Senate seat in Deep South Alabama. They then got into gear and passed a comprehensive tax reform package. The money, the investments, the job growth pouring into the country has exceeded expectations.

The Dow Jones recently passed 25,000, and the NasDaq and Standards and Poors metrics have exceeded their own previous records. The economy is supercharging under President Trump, and the tax cuts are furthering this growth. Major firms are committing to investment and repatriation of funds into the United States. Corporations are giving out bonuses to their American workforce.

American workers are getting hired! Working Americans are keeping their own money.

So, the three months of ahead of pro-Democratic polling numbers are starting to tank.

Check out this link from Real Clear Politics:

2018 Generic Congressional Vote

Polling Data

PollDateSampleDemocrats (D)Republicans (R)Spread
RCP Average12/11 - 1/2--48.236.8Democrats +11.4
Economist/YouGov12/31 - 1/21277 RV4236Democrats +6
Reuters/Ipsos12/29 - 1/21770 A3831Democrats +7
Quinnipiac12/13 - 12/181230 RV5237Democrats +15
CNN12/14 - 12/17898 RV5638Democrats +18
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl12/13 - 12/15736 RV5039Democrats +11
PPP (D)12/11 - 12/12862 RV5140Democrats +11

The net positive has gone down from D+11 to D+6 already.

And the American public is only getting the first taste of renewed financial prosperity.

What will Democrats do when the wages increase, the illegal immigration goes down, the legal immigration decreases as well, and finally the cost of living diminishes in turn across the country?

The net positives will be really difficult for Democrats to overcome with fear-mongering. Not only that, but Republicans will be able to slam their opponents by saying "He/She voted against cutting your taxes! This candidate voted to make you buy something that you could not afford, or pay a fee which you could not pay because you could not buy something that you could not afford!"

Election 2018 is going to be quite interesting, and not the way that the Democratic Party would have hoped.

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