Monday, January 8, 2018

Election 2018: Ohio US Senate Race in Flux

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel was already a formidable challenger for incumbent Sherrod Brown's US Senate Senate. A number of polls listed Mandel ahead by at least 8 points.

Then Mandel announced last week that he was dropping out of the race, as his wife has a serious health isssue, and the race would draw him away from caring for his sick wife. I honor Treasurer Mandel's commitment to family over career or political future. That decision commands a great deal of respect.

But who will run against Brown?

One name floated just makes me sick: John Kasich. He is termed out for Governor. He has spent the last three years of his political life promoting himself as Democrat-lite, looking for every means possible to expand government, to limit the rights and opportunities.

He expanded Medicaid, and all but pledged to keep Obamacare. He refuses to take a stance against gay marriage, and even boasted about attending a friend's homosexual wedding. Give me a break. He defends "Freedom of worship", which is meaningless, but would force private bakeries to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Where is the freedom of conscience in this?

He also supports a blanket amnesty and has no interest in building the wall. We don't need more RINOs intent on making themselves looking good to the media while the rest of us suffer under the rope of higher taxes and fees, along with the expansion of the state and reduction of our liberties in turn.

Whoever jumps into the race for the GOP ticket, they need to walk in line with President Trump's pro-America, pro-Trump agenda. We just can't have another limp-wristed obstacle to peace and prosperity and American greatness in the US Senate. No more squishes on amnesty, tax reform, repeal of Obamacare.

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