Friday, January 12, 2018

Trump Supporters Troll Pro-Illegal (Racist) Indivisibles in Huntington Beach


Chanell Temple joined the rest of We the People Rising within half and hour of the rest of us showing up and setting up our demonstration for the President, for secure borders, and for an end to illegal immigration.

The Indivisibles ended up arriving within fifteen minutes after us Trump supporters.

It really bothers me how many of these pro-illegal groups go to every length they can to promote illegals, then play the race and minority cards to justify their rhetoric and their agenda.

This time, I told them to listen to this black woman, and listen to her denounce illegal immigration and demand the rule of law in our country.

Black communities are under attack because of illegal immigration, and yet lawmakers in Sacramento and Washington DC are hell-bent on mass migration as well as granting amnesty to the illegal aliens, numbered at least between 11 to 16 million already, although the numbers are more likely much, much higher.

It all really comes down to this: the left is not interested in black people or Hispanic people. They only care about bringing in more regressive voters for the Democratic Party, to ensure socialism and a left-wing totalitarian takeover of our country.

We say "No!" to that. The Left, the DREAM Act organizers, the progressive Union Lobby have finally met their match. They have worn out the patience and tolerance of the American electorate, men and women who refuse to be bullied with the race card or the minority card. They refuse to be shamed into tolerating more crime and corruption in their streets, and they are not afraid to demand full enforcement of our nation's immigration laws and press for full deportation of all illegals in our country.

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