Friday, January 5, 2018

Senate Conservatives Fund: Chip Roy for TX-21 House Seat

Senate Conservatives Fund
Chip Roy for Congress


We occasionally endorse candidates for the U.S. House when we believe they offer conservatives exceptional leadership.

Chip Roy (R-TX) is one of those candidates, which is why we are proud to endorse him for Congress in Texas' 21st district where U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is retiring.

We're making this endorsement now because early voting for the primary election begins next month and there are over a dozen candidates running for this important seat.

Please join us in supporting Chip Roy in Texas by making a contribution to his grassroots campaign.

Chip has a proven record of fighting for conservative principles. He has served as a federal prosecutor, Sen. Ted Cruz’s chief of staff, an advisor to Gov. Rick Perry, the First Assistant Attorney General of Texas, and as a strategist for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Chip is a full-spectrum conservative who has been on the front lines in the fight for liberty. Voters can count on him to deliver on his campaign promises and to be an effective voice for limited government and economic freedom in Congress.

I have gotten to know Chip personally in the last few years and I can recommend him without reservation. He's a principled conservative who will continue to stand up to the liberals in both parties.

Chip is also a cancer survivor who brings that unique perspective to issues like the fight to repeal Obamacare and getting government out of health care. Chip's voice will be a dramatic and powerful addition to the anti-establishment conservative team in Washington!

We don't have much time to impact this critical election so please support Chip Roy for Congress today.

SCF will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your contribution directly to his campaign.

You can also donate to any of our other endorsed candidates as part of the same secure, online transaction.

Thank you for supporting SCF and for doing so much to help us drain the swamp in Washington.

Ken Cuccinelli II
Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Fund
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