Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Newman! Newman!" CAGOP Recall is On!

LA TIMES: “Sen. Josh Newman, targeted by the GOP for his gas-tax vote, will face recall election on June 5”
Arthur - With successfully and cynically delaying the recall election, Capitol Democrats have shown they will do whatever it takes to protect their power – even if it means undermining direct democracy. But Sen. Newman can’t hide behind his powerful friends in Sacramento forever. JOIN THE FIGHT!
With the election happening in June, we need to lay the groundwork for victory and fund programs in other key districts as well. If we’re successful, we will deny Gov. Brown’s supermajority he’s used to shove his liberal agenda down the throats of hardworking middle-class Californians. Are you with us?

And don’t forget about his failure to protect taxpayers in Sacramento, Arthur. Because of Josh Newman’s deciding vote on the gas tax, gas prices increased by 12 cents a gallon. Newman’s vote means the average family will pay about $4,000 more in taxes. Join our efforts today to recall Newman!
Newman must be held accountable by the people of his district for his deciding vote on the toxic gas and car tax.

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