Wednesday, January 10, 2018

GREAT NEWS! Diane Harkey Running to Replace Issa (So is Rocky the RINO)

At first, I was really sad to hear that Congressmen Ed Royce and now Darrell Issa are retiring from Congress.

Then I got the news about the candidates who will run to replace those two Congressmen.

For Ed Royce, his former district director Young Kim is going to run for the seat. Royce has already endorsed her.

The candidate running to replace Darrell Issa is even stronger: Diane Harkey!

I would have never thought of her running for the seat, but many sources have informed me that she is the perfect candidate for the seat. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy directly asked her to run for the seat.

She has widespread name ID throughout Southern California. She is the current Chairman of the Board of Equalization. She has the money, too, and statewide support since she is the highest ranking elected Republican official in the state of California.

Then Jeff Schwilk issued the following information:

Diane Harkey is the highest elected Republican in California as the Chairwoman of the California State Board of Equalization.  Harkey was also an Assemblywoman in North San Diego County from 2008-2014 where she had an excellent conservative record and was tough on illegal immigration issues.  From all indications we have seen today, she will be an excellent candidate and odds-on favorite to win in November and keep that seat red in this strong military district.   And I just received confirmation this evening that she is against amnesty and supports the president’s common sense border security and immigration enforcement policies and agenda.   

Assemblyman Rocky “La Raza” Chavez also announced today that he is running for Issa’s seat.  We have been expecting this for several years, knowing Issa would retire at some point after being in Congress for 17 years, and that Chavez wants to go to Washington to help transform the GOP even further to the left.  As most everyone knows by now, Chavez is a pro-mass amnesty, open border, tax & spend, progressive RINO.  His campaign is DOA as far as we’re concerned.  Carl DeMaio was ripping Rocky this afternoon on his radio show.

Rocky is a piece of crap. He is a full-on Cap and Traitor, and he want him to go down crashing and burning. He is terrible. Shame on this RINO!

I am glad to read that Carl DeMaio is slamming Rocky Chavez.

I want Carl DeMaio to get behind Diane Harkey right away! I hope that the rest of the San Diego GOP does the same.

We need to fight for every seat in the California Conference.

We might even have the chance to gain some seats in the state assembly and state senate, especially with the recall election in full swing to get rid of Josh Newman.

SDSB [San Diegans for Secure Borders] will be making a formal endorsement in this race in the coming days once the field is finalized.

Keep up the fight.  When we fight, we win and America wins!
Jeff Schwilk

Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

So ...

I have more hope for our election chances going into November 2018.

If Republicans can staunch the bleeding and hold onto as many seats as possible, and Republicans flip some swing seats in other states (Minnesota, Pennsylvania), Republicans can still hold the House of Representatives. Of course, Republicans are in really good shape to keep the US Senate and expand their numbers!

For now, I am really glad to see Diane Harkey on the move. I have hope that Young Kim will hold onto Royce's house seat, too.

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