Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Democrats Doubling Down (to Their Hurt) on Clean DREAM Act

Illegal immigration fights are brewing hard to demand amnesty, DACA, Dream Act legislation, etc.

Democratic US Senators and House Reps know that they have to please their regressive leftist base all over the country, especially because of Hillary Clinton's epic failure in 2016.

Progressives are full of rage. They want the end of borders, and they want all the illegal aliens to become citizens who vote Democrat.

We cannot allow this  massive change in our country and our culture. We cannot permit illegal immigration to change the political and moral culture of this great country.

Democrats are just not getting it. They want a "clean" DREAM Act?

Not going to happen.

My name is Gabriela, and I'm a DREAMer. I am one of more than 800,000 young people granted protection from deportation through the DACA program started by President Obama.

When the Trump administration announced in September that it was ending DACA, I was worried for my future. I did not know whether I would be able to remain in the U.S. -- the only country that's ever felt like home to me.

Last night's court decision on DACA is further proof that Donald Trump's elimination of the program was never about the rule of law. It was about holding our futures hostage and deporting DREAMers as bargaining chips in future political negotiations.

It is still up to Congress to pass legislation to provide permanent protection for DREAMers -- which is why I am asking you to join me today:

Add your name to call on Congress to pass a permanent DREAM Act by January 19th that will protect DREAMers like me from deportation.

When I was 12 years old, my family made the decision to leave El Salvador and come to the U.S. Our neighborhood back in El Salvador was afflicted by gang violence and my parents wanted to protect me.

During the first several months, I felt so frustrated that I didn't know the language here. So I would go to the library and check out two of the same books: one in Spanish and another in English. I would read one page in English and then one page in Spanish -- and that's how I learned.

When President Obama created DACA in 2012, my life changed. I knew I didn't have to go back to El Salvador and put myself at risk.

At that moment, that 12-year-old that didn't know how to speak English came to mind. And I thought of how far I had come.

I am telling you my story today because I refuse to go back into the shadows. We can't stay quiet when there is injustice happening.

Our fight is far from over. We must continue coming together to oppose this administration's inhumane immigration agenda.

Add your name to demand that Congress pass legislation by January 19th to allow DREAMers like me to stay in the only country we've ever considered home.


There are hundreds of thousands of other DREAMers who have stories like mine. To them I would like to say this: Your presence in the U.S. is not wrong. You were meant to be here.

Thank you for reading my story today.

In solidarity,


Notice how the eblast ends with "In Solidarity."

Give me a break!

This country is already breaking apart on account of the rampant illegal immigration.

This has to stop. Put Americans First!

No more illegal aliens. No more legal status for illegal aliens.


Democrats have just pushed themselves further into a corner, and there is nothing they can to get out of this mess. They promised a Clean DREAM Act, and yet they could not deliver. Unbelievable.

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