Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mark Meuser Announces Winning Lawsuit Against BAMN Leader Yvette Felarca


This man's victorious announcement was one of the main highlights of the MAGA rally in Sacramento.

Mark Meuser is running for Secretary of State, but his campaign for statewide office has not stopped him from making a difference for California citizens fighting for their rights.

The previous President of the UC Berkeley college Republicans faced an unjust civil restraining order from Yvette Felarca, the hateful By Any Means Necessary domestic terrorist. She filed the restraining order in order to prevent the College Republicans from speaking on campus or anywhere else in the city. Wherever she showed up, the UCBGOP President would have to leave.

This action was an egregious violation of that college student's First Amendment Rights. Meuser filed a lawsuit against Felarca on behalf of the College GOP President.

And they won!

Later, he gave a great speech about his campaign for Secretary of State and his dedicated mission to clearing the voter rolls of dead voters, voters who have left the state, and unauthorized voters, including illegal aliens.

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