Sunday, January 7, 2018

Angel Mom Angie Morfin Tells Story About Son, Murdered by an Illegal Alien

It is shameless and wrong how Washington DC and California politicians spend their time and political capital worrying about illegal aliens in the United States, regardless of their age, status, or the circumstances of their presence in our country.

Angie Morfin should know, since her son was murdered by an illegal alien 27 years ago, four days after Christmas in 1990.

The loss still grieves her to this day.

I asked her to describe what happened to her son, how she was murdered:

She still tears up when talking about her son's murder.

It's surprising the amount of push back she faced when seeking justice for her son's death. Local community leaders and members did help out, and yet she didn't know that it was an illegal who had killed her son until four years later!

Indeed, the federal government did help out, especially national law enforcement and border patrol agents. They found the evil creep, and they assured Angie that the best approach was to have him serve hard time in Mexico:

When it comes to illegal immigration, she does not compromise: No amnesty, and Build the Wall:

I asked Angie to share her thoughts on illegal immigration with me so that I could broadcast her story to the rest of the country. To this day, there are too many people in the rest of the country who do not understand the devastating, unintended consequences of illegal immigration, and the outcomes that will follow with one more amnesty.

It's time for our lawmakers in Washington DC to understand these consequences. I went to great lengths to explain these concerns to the House Reps as well as US Senators when I was visiting Washington DC last year.

For Angie, for her son Ruben, make sure to make your voices heard, too!

Find your Congressman (Click here), then call your Congressman right away and let them know:

1. No DACA
2. No Amnesty
3. Build the wall
4. Put Americans First

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