Friday, January 12, 2018

Lyin Ted Lieu Congratulates Himself at Taxpayer Expense


Congressman Ted Lieu has not done much for Congressional District 33.

We have waited for years for someone to lead in this district, to put the needs of Americans First, specifically our veterans, as well as our homeless, the mentally ill, foster children, in fact all children.

Proudly? As if!
Lyin' Ted spends more time on Twitter than he does actually working to ensure a proper quality of life for his constituents.

He has pushed for no-money bail. He rejected defunding sanctuary cities and going after illegal aliens. He signed off on the corrupt Iran deal.

The man has never turned down special interest money. He promotes the destruction of life and family at taxpayers' expense.

We are paying for this?!
He also sends out self-congratulatory flies about his "casework" and service to the district, even though he has accomplished next to nothing while putting the plight of illegal aliens and his regressive, leftist social agenda ahead of our veterans.

Same on Lyin' Ted!

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