Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Luke Messer: Fighting for the Second Amendment (US Senate Race, Indiana, 2018)

As one of our campaign’s top supporters, I wanted to make sure you saw Luke’s article on why we must protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners across state lines.
Luke Messer is a proud supporter of our right to bear arms will continue to fight for our Second Amendment Rights as Indiana’s next U.S. Senator…
…but, today’s U.S. Senate is blocking this very important constitutional right.


It’s not surprising that Indiana’s Joe Donnelly is one of the Senators standing in the way. While he claims to support Hoosiers’ Second Amendment Rights, he doesn’t support protecting law-abiding gun owner’s concealed-carry permits across state lines.
Arthur, please read and share this article so we can keep the pressure on Joe Donnelly and the Senate to protect our Second Amendment Rights.


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