Friday, January 12, 2018

Desperation: United We Dream Calls Americans "Extremists" For Wanting Enforcement of the Law

We the People Rising and LA County for Trump enjoyed a rousing success against the open border bigots, the DACA desperados, aka Nightmare Kids.

There were illegals in the midst of this small gaggle of violent protesters. They barged into private buildings to harass the staffers of different Congressmen throughout Orange County.

DREAM Act Bus riders
protesting in front of Mimi Walters' Office
We insisted on showing up first, to defend our country and our President. We had the key territory in front of three different Congressional offices, as we made sure that the public knows that California is not a lost cause for the patriots who voted for Trump.

We stopped their hatred in Huntington Beach, where we received rousing support and encouragement from men and women--even young people!--walking up and down the Surf City Boardwalk.

At Mimi Walters' office, security guards had set up rope and cords so that no one could enter the building, since Walters' office is located withing private property.

DACA illegals harassing
Rep. Rohrabacher's office

Last of all, we shouted down the vocal illegals and their enablers outside of Ed Royce's office in Brea California, and we chased them back to their buses.

One of the illegals on the "DREAM Act Bus" recorded us shouting at them "Racists, go home!"

Here's the tweet they sent out with the Periscope video:

I think it's telling and humorous all at once that they call us "Extremists" and suggested that we threatened them.

Their own video proves that we harmed no one, that we did nothing more than call them out on their racist rhetoric, their hateful disdain for this country, and patent disregard for our nation's laws, sovereignty, and political culture.

These Stolen Lives had dreams, too!

Shame on them.

For me, it was so gratifying to see these illegal Nightmare Kids get a taste of their own medicine, from law-abiding citizens who are fed up with our compassion being placed on trial. When will our Americans Dreamers' dreams come first? When will our homeless, our veterans, our aging American population receive the proper care which they have paid for through hard work and taxes?

We the People Rising, LA County for Trump
Representing for Americans First!

The DREAM Act Bus Tour turned into a major bust, and We the People Rising were there to ensure that the voices, the outrage, the frustrations of the American public were heard and registered to the public.

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