Friday, January 12, 2018

Breaking: Trump Supporter Falsely Arrested in Cudahy Gets CCW Back

It was late June, 2017

Trump supporters came to the city of Cudahy to confront the city council over its corrupt and lawless sanctuary city policy.

After the meeting, dangerous elements from within the meeting and walking in the city started following the Trumpsters. Tom Greene of Culver City was driving them out of the area to safety. When he entered the gas station on Clara Street and Wilcox (just two blocks down from the city council meeting place), the thugs approached his car and blocked the exits out of the gas station.

Drawing on his training as a peace officer, Greene drew out his firearm and shouted at them: "Back the F--k off!"

The thugs refused to relent, and one of them even taunted the driver to shoot him.

Then the overwhelming response from the LA County Sheriff's Department descended on the gas station. 21 sheriff's deputies! Ridiculous.

The City of Cudahy has a corrupt city council, there are illegal aliens and gang-bangers running the streets.

But the sheriff's department harassed five citizens who harmed no one and did nothing wrong.

Tom Greene was arrested and held in jail for a few hours that night.

He was initially ordered to appear in court. Thankfully, the DA dropped the frivilous case.

The state had suspended his CCW, too.

Now there's more good news: Greene got his CCW back, too!

Here's his statement:

Hi Arthur.  I officially received my reinstatement letter along with my CCW identification card returned last week and requalified at nearby LAX shooting range on Monday (must shoot at least once per year).  Nothing spectacular about any of this.  Firearm is just another tool in my tool box (although a tad more deadlier than others).

I appreciate your support in this matter (and picking me up from jail 🤗).  I will be forever thankful for your friendship during this entire ordeal.

More winning!

Shame on the LA County Sheriff's command for their excessive force!

Check out the lies that their most ardent left-wing activists tried to use against me to spin what happened that day:

Tom stood his ground (figuratively and literally) in the face of injustice and lies.

Truth and justice won out today.

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