Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cap and Traitor Money Laundering? Mayes Donates to Dahle Donates to Steinorth

Now read this.

Cheating Chad Mayes, the Cap and Traitor who stepped out on his wife and cheated on the taxpayers by voting for an extension of the corrupt Cap and Trade program, is still funding campaigns within the Republican caucus.

Does that mean he is still essentially in charge, even though he was supposedly pressured to step down as minority leader?

What is going on?

Check out this link, and you will find that Brian Dahle donated $8,800 to "Marital Trouble" Marc Steinorth's re-election campaign:

- Brian Dahle For Assembly 2018 : $4,400 
- Brian Dahle For Assembly 2018 : $4,400

Mayes donated the exact amount to Dahle last week, and this week Dahle sends the same amount to Steinorth.

This is beyond disgusting. What do we see here? We see Mayes still controlling politicians within the GOP minority caucus, even though there was an appearance of taking away power from Cheating Chad.

I don't think anyone can walk away from this whole debacle without acknowledge that the New GOP Minority Leader Boss is the same as the old one. 


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