Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Border Security: What We NEED To Do About Immigration - Learn Liberty


The Learn Liberty YouTube provides some effective and very insightful information on issues ranging from freedom of speech to political science realities like agenda setting and voter trends.

On immigration, however, I find that the discussion sparks more outrage than insight. The most ardent and outspoken participants in these videos want open borders. The libertarian speaker talks about moral responsibilities, shame, and guilt trips. How strange, indeed, that his push for open borders has no real economic or numbers-based facts. Prof. Ting, however, references scarcity, natural resource concerns, the true power of free markets, but also recognizes national and ethnic realities as well as cultural conditions.

Ting was spot-on with his arguments about stopping open borders and rampant illegal immigration. Check them out and feel free to share this video.

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