Saturday, August 6, 2022

Pervert Senator Plays Victim: "Stop Sex Shaming" Promiscuous Gay Men Over Monkey Pox

Senator Scott Weiner is at it again.

His whole role in life is to defend his and every other homosexual's perversion:

The truth is that our society needs to reinstate a sense of shame for people who think that rampant promiscuity is acceptable.

Homosexual populations are riddled with venereal disease on account of the relentless, reckless behaviors they insist in engaging in.

And the senator threw himself into the Gay Kink festivals in San Francisco, too, as if they have nothing to lose.

HIV spread rapidly among homosexuals because of the inherently damaging effects of sodomy plus the promiscuity. Now monkeypox is going to spread the same way.

Yes, Senator Weiner, people like you do need to be shamed. A sense of right and wrong needs to be restored in the public square, otherwise people won't stop engaging in the wrong and start doing the right.

At this point, it is time to lecture people to stop having sex ... outside of marriage, and marriage is for one man and one woman. 

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