Saturday, August 6, 2022

Vishal Singh, Mentally Ill Antifa "Journalist" (No Kidding!)


Transgenderism is a mental illness. Anyone who thinks that they can change their sex like flipping a switch is not in touch with reality. Anyone with half a brain knows this already.

And yet, there are some who persist in celebrating this lie as if there is nothing wrong with it. It's almost as though they still need proof that so-called transgenders, in reality self-loathing cross-dressers or gender dysphorics, are mentally ill.

And our favorite Antifa Trans Soyboy fake journalist just confirmed all of this for us:

As far as having a job, well, Vishy doesn't really have a job. He just pretends to be a journalist all while doxxing people and putting people in danger. It's so unethical, and he is so out of step with journalistic standards, that he was disinvited from a form of Asian-Pacific Islander journalists. 

Vishal is actually proud that he sees a therapist:

This guy seriously has issues. Of course, the high point of his day is smoking dope with his cat, so what can one say beyond that?

First the smoking:

Then the cat:

Vishal needs help.


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