Wednesday, August 3, 2022

More Winning: Violent, Confused Trans SoyBoy Vishal Singh Shut Out of Asian-Pacific Journalism Conference

Vishal (cetner in light blue sweater) Swings and MISSES

The winning just never stops, even in deeply Democratic (and sadly, all too depressing) Los Angeles County.

In a previous post, I introduced to all of you a very confused, disturbed Indian-American soyboy named Vishal Singh. He-she-it-they (whatever!) has gone to great lengths doxxing patriots and genuine freedom-loving Angelenos. He ended up in a particularly nasty alteraction and got punched in the face as a result.

No matter what happened to him in one scuffle last year, he has developed a nasty reputation as an Antifa militant disguised as a left-wing journalist. He has fomented violence and peaceful protesters, and he goes out of his way to exposing them to great danger.

Well, his wicked ways have more than caught up with him.

Andy Ngo reports:

If anyone thinks the indictments against Vishal Singh are unsubstantiated or unjustified, check out the Twitter thread below:

Vishal is not having a good week, to say the least.

Of course, desperate to try to make himself look good, Vishal (He-She-They-Whatever) tried to troll Andy Ngo:

Andy Ngo defended Singaporean Amos Yee when he was merely fighting for freedom of speech, and had fled to the United States because he faced multiple charges for violating his home country's "Public Order Act," which forbids statements that wound public feelings relating to religion, ethnicity, etc. Was Amos Yee worthy of any laudable support from journalists and free speech activists in the US? Not really, but does Vishal really think that he can impugn Andy's integrity because Creepy Yee was later found out to be an active predator? NOT A CHANCE.

The fact is that Vishal and his cohort of LGBT perverts routinely push LGBT indoctrination and grooming on children and adults alike. He and his Antifa hate-group cohorts celebrated and defended a creepy man pretending to be a woman, who had gone into the women's section of WiSpa in the Rampart District of Los Angeles last year. If that is not pedophilic, I don't know what is. For the record, Andy Ngo went out of his way reporting and exposing the man who had exposed himself to women and girls in the spa, including the fact that the offender had been arrested for previous acts of indecent exposure.

Sorry, Vishal: you are a creepy, a freak, a pervert, a loser, and your stock is going down BIG TIME in LA City!

Hey, and I still live in your head RENT FREE:

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