Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Yikes! Mike Likes Tax Hikes

Councilman Mike Griffiths.

He has been involved in Torrance politics for more than twenty years. Once can go back as far as 2005, when he was seeking to be appointed to a vacant city council seat. He has served a number of times on the environmental and planning commission, too.

Yes, he is very much a part and parcel of the Torrance Way of politics in this town.

And apparently, it has all gotten to his head.

He has a serious attitude problem, to put in mildly: he thinks that he is entitled to his seat on the city council, and that he should be the next mayor.

The truth is that he did not decide against running for mayor because of a death in the family. The truth is that Councilman George Chen has a better following and more political capital in the city than he does.

And is anyone surprised?

Mike Griffiths dragged his feet on supporting a Resolution of No Confidence in George Gascon. His arrogant demeanor with me (and others, no doubt) regarding this matter is just too much to ignore. Like many Torrance politicians who have been part of the establishment for so long, he uses the voters, then refuses to listen to them.

That kind of arrogance hurt him, especially if you visit his Facebook page. People give him a hard time for not supporting the resolution.

But worse than that, rumors persisted out of city hall that Mike wanted to impose a vaccine mandate on all city employees! He had no problem with violating people's health freedom, their bodily autonomy, and for what?

The vaccine was experimental at best, and many people suffered terrible adverse side effects from the shot. Why would anyone want to push for a violation of people's health integrity?

And of course, like the majority of the current city council, Mike likes the tax hikes.

He wants to raise the city sales tax because he is too lazy or too beholden to the "establishment" in the city of Torrance to think outside the box and come up with more innovative ways to save money and bring in revenue to the city.

Mike likes tax hikes, and for that, the voters should tell him to take a hike regarding his bid for city treasurer.

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