Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Florida Will Strip Disney of "Special District" Status

 Now this is how you do it.

Gov. DeSantis is kicking butt, and not holding back.

Woke Disney puts their perverse profits ahead of the needs of children. They think that it is OK to target kids with homosexual and transgender grooming, all with the purpose of violating them when they are young to bring them into sexual degeneracy when they are older.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini shares this announcement by email:


Gov. Ron DeSantis JUST amended our special legislative session to include "legislation relating to independent special districts."

Translation: We are about to DROP THE HAMMER on Woke Disney.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature passed a bill that protects our children from the radical left's hypersexualized curriculum... and I'll be damned if we let a woke California corporation like Woke Disney come into our state and dictate policy... 

Sign the petition below to STOP Disney's woke radical agenda and support removing their special privileges here in Florida. 

Click here to sign >>>

While Disney has gone silent in the past week regarding the Parental Rights in Education bill, their threat to do "everything in their power" to overturn legislation that protects parents and children in Florida suggests to me that Disney has too much power...

The legislature should move to remove Woke Disney's special privileges IMMEDIATELY.

Click here to sign the petition to STOP Disney's radical woke agenda and show your support for our fight to protect parental rights in Florida >>>

Here in Florida, we will do anything to protect our children from radical groomers, obscene materials, and woke leftists who want to corrupt the next generation of Americans. 

Disney went barking up the wrong tree, and they are positioned to lose EVERYTHING because of it. Sign my petition today and thank Gov. Ron DeSantis for standing up against the woke mob for a brighter future for our children. 

Thank you, 

Anthony Sabatini

Candidate for Congress

Personal cell number: 352-455-2928

This is the kind of reform that needs to start happening in state and federal government. It's time for the power of the people to stop giving special perks, gimmicks, and privileges to big business at the expense of the natural rights of all citizens.

Big Business cannot bully the citizenry. They have no right to rely on special privileges from any government to do wrong to othters. It's time to strip them of these privileges.

And while we are talking about ending Disney World's special district status, Congress needs to reject copyright renewal for Disney merchandise, products, and content. They need to play by the same rules as every other content creator in the country!

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