Thursday, April 7, 2022

Jenna "Karen" McKee: Pervert, Cyberbully, Disgrace to the City of Torrance

Just as there are creepy teachers indoctrinating and poisoning the minds of unwilling or unwitting students in the classroom (who are a captive audience, and therefore cannot avoid the indoctrination), there are creepy, perverted activists who want to groom children to be harmed, abused, exploited by this LGBT agenda.

One of them is a Torrance native named Jenna "Karen" McKee.

Notice the communist flag behind her in the photo above.

Apparently, she is A-OK with the mass murder of hundreds of millions of impoverished people around the world.

She has quite a disturbing bio listed on her Twitter page:

If it's not clear what her problems are, here's a meme with her bio:

She has some, well, let's just say  ... very sad, hateful views:

She likes to use the "f-word" a great deal. As stated above, she is quite a pervert.

She thinks that babies can be racist:

Seriously ...

She also supports the sexual mutilation of minors:

Transgenderism is a mental illness. Children who struggle with gender dysphoria need help, not more enabling to be abused. Karen thinks it's great for children to be abused.

Creepy Karens like Jenna McKee need to be kept as far away as possible from children.

They are perverts, and they are predators pushing evil designs on innocent children.

Torrance, California is better than this. Torrance is "The Balanced City," and someone as mental unhinged and imbalanced as Jenna "Karen" McKee has no business pushing her hate in school boards and onto children.

She also feels the need to showcase her self-loathing. She knows people are exposing her:

"Frog and Toad are gay communist lovers" .... really. Sick and demented. Once again, she shouldn't be around kids ... or adults for that matter.

Sadly, she paid a visit to the Torrance Unified School Board in March, 2022:

She knew that I was attending the school board meeting, but she stayed away. She had to, since the shame of her crusade to promote child abuse against children would have gone public right then and there:

The only context that matters is that she is sick, demented, disturbed, and quite a cyberbully. Of course, like all LGBT bigots, she loves to play victim: all while victimizing others, of course.

I guess I live in her head rent-free. There must be a great deal of space up there, since the only things she obssesses on are how to destroy children, how to pervert society, and how to abolish any form of law enforcement.

At the Torrance School Board meeting, she was determined to make sexual exploitation and abuse of children acceptable, calling it "diversity, tolerance, inclusion, etc."

Notice that her shirt was not visible during her public comment before the Torrance School Board. She is so ashamed of her own child-hatred, that she didn't want the school board members to see her shirt.

Why are sick people like this allowed in public forums like school boards? What would parents think if someone like this walked into the meeting, advertising the promotion of gender mutilation onto children?

If you see Jenna McKee near a school or a student, tell her to get away as soon as possible. Make a loud scene if necessary. She should be exposed, shamed, and excoriated from the public because of her vile hatred of children, biology, and the natural facts of marriage, life, and family. 


  1. I will be very viligent why arent these people arrested liberals are abusive toward people i wont tolerate it

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