Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Militant Lesbian Marti Little of Citrus County, Florida: "I Am One of Those Disney Perverts"

 MassResistance has a new chapter in the state of Florida, and they are already doing great things.

Click this link for more information.

But there is one person from the Left who has been harassing and demeaning our Florida MassResistance activists:

Marti Little:

Marti Little, lesbian
pushing perversion on children

Check out the remarks from this lesbian activist in Citrus County, Florida:


First of all, she is actually defending disgusting LGBT books being pushed on children.

Why would any person have such self-loathing or public-disdain to do something so vile?

She literally declared "I am one of those Disney perverts."

She was actually proud of it. PROUD OF IT!

What kind of sick person would shame parents, grandparents, citizens for speaking up for what is right?

Homosexual activists are outspoken about their perversion. They are proud of what they should be ashamed of.

They really think it's OK for them to flaunt their sexual brokenness and push it in everyone's faces.

And, as expected, they play victim when common-sense people object to the promotion of sexual degeneracy in the public square, including on children.

Homosexual activists know no shame. They have no desire to refrain or restrain unnatural desire, but instead they will insist that everyone should celebrate their shameful behaviors, then pay the price if they refuse to do so.

It's time for people to realize that making nice with the LGBT Agenda and its militants is the wrong approach. This perverse madness must be excluded from the public square at all costs. No one should tolerate such perversion in public, and there is nothing wrong with sanctioning the behavior in private.

One other point to share: notice how this corrupted woman calls people "hateful" for speaking the truth against LGBT behaviors. The truth is that such behaviors in and of themselves are hateful.

The truth is that people who abuse their bodies with the same sex are full of self-loathing, and they project this hatred onto others. They know that they are doing wrong to their own bodies, yet they do not know how to overcome, how to refrain from those damaging behaviors.

Worse yet, the media, big business, and the government tell these confused individuals that they are 
"born that way," and therefore they are perennial victims. This victim-fueled, victim-filled entitlement is a dangerous mix and it is harming children, adults, and the general public.

It is time to stand for truth. It is time to relegate these perverts back to the closet where they come from. They have no right whatsoever to push their perversion, to target, to groom children. They have no right to throw fits and shame others. They have no right to steal money from the public purse to normalize their sexual perversion.

Enough is enough. It's time for MassResistance, and hateful bigots like Marty Little of Citrus County, Florida are one of many reasons why. People like Marti have no business pushing their rampant disgust and disregard for public health and public good. 

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