Thursday, April 14, 2022

Arrogance Personified: "No Show" Torrance Treasurer Dana Cortez Runs Again

Say "No" to "No Show" Dana Cortez
for City Treasurer

It's bad enough that Tax Hike Mike Griffiths wants to run for Torrance City Treasurer, mostly because he wants to have a seat in city government until he can run for mayor in eight years.

It's worse yet that FORMER city councilman Tim Goodrich, when he wasn't burning the American military and blocking generals from driving out of parking lots, ran for city council while claiming to be some big pro-American patriotic hero, only to quit a year before his second term had ended, and now he wants to be treasurer because he claims that he "has the time now."

Now we have the do-nothing, no-show incumbent Torrance treasurer Dana Cortez running for re-election!

This woman has been a no-show for the office for the last four years! Despite what some people say in the city, that she was unfairly blamed for financial problems in the city, the fact is that she is collecting a paycheck, benefits, and perks--and she is not doing her job.

She has not been to the city council meetings for over three years. The city council even endorsed a recall effort to have her removed from office. I participated in that effort, led by current Torrance Treasurer candidate (and my preferred choice) Rick Marshall.

I am so committed to getting rid of "No Show" Cortez, that I spoke to two businesses that had "Elect Dana Cortez for Treasurer" signs on their lawns.

This is how arrogant this woman is! First, she files to run for re-election, and she has even gone so far as to distribute yard signs propping up her re-election bid! Of course, the signs say "Elect" Cortez, as though she is not currently in the elected office. She certainly is not serving in the position, that's for sure.

I spoke with the two businessses, and I told them the truth about Cortez:

1. She is the current city treasurer.

2. She has not show up to work in nearly four years.

3. She is taking Torrance taxpayers for a ride, and now has the disgusting arrogance to run for re-election for the seat.

Both businesses took down the sign!

This is good news.

Let's hope, however, that voters get informed as soon as possible about this lazy woman and throw her OUT OF OFFICE!

Say NO to "No Show" Dana Cortez for Torrance City Treasurer.

Cortez Sign near trash can

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