Tuesday, October 29, 2019

LGBT Activists Harm Chula Vista: Kelly Hutton

At the August 29, 2019 San Diego MassResistance Press Conference, another LGBT activist insisted on disrupting a peaceful assembly.

Her name is Kelly Hutton, and judging from her Facebook profile, it does not look like she has a job. Is that we she had the time to taunt and attempt to shut down a peaceful press conference?

She shouted "We love you! We love you!" while in fact making every effort to be as unloving as possible, making it difficult for other to be heard.

A mother and grandmother, Laura Douglas of the Chula Vista Tea Party, was trying to speak out in defense of children's innocence and the proper use of public facilities, like the main library.

While Laura was speaking, Kelly Hutton not only tried to interrupt her speech, but she damaged Tony Villafranca's PA System:

Why do these LGBT activists have no respect for other people's rights? They try to stifle freedom of speech, they attempt to disrupt freedom of assembly, and then they damage other people's property.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of this LGBT hater, please contact me: arthur@massresistance.org

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