Friday, October 4, 2019

Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries Blasts Chula Vista Councilman for Drag Queen Story Hour

Dan Kleinman, the operator of "Safe Libraries", wrote the following blistering letter to Chula Vista Councilman Steve Padilla for promoting Drag Queen Story Hour at the local library.

Some of his points are not only well-taken, but they need to taken well and brought to the Chula Vista City Council, and they need to ensure that they never bring that perverse program back to the library ever again!

Dear Councilmember Steve Padilla, here are things to consider about Drag Queen Story Hour you may have not already considered.

1) Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries harms the LGBT community. See "Drag Queen Story Hour Leaves 'Kids In The Cold,' Is Just 'Cute and Fun and Trendy,' Says School Librarian Ingrid Conley-Abrams":

2) Drag Queen Story Hour violates library law. Yes, a library is a public space, but it is not an open public space, according to the US Supreme Court. It has rules to follow. Drag Queen Story Hour violates those rules. See "How To Remove Drag Queen Story Hour From Libraries, Part 1: FOIA Library Law":

3) And, generally speaking, not specific to Drag Queen StoryTime, the "Library Bill of Rights" literally means nothing. Your local law applies, not an "aspirational creed" of some library association from out of state. See "Library Bill of Rights Means 'Nothing': Berry v. Yosemite Community College District":

4) Lastly, Drag Queen Story Hour is facilitated nationwide by the American Library Association, an organization that has an established history of homophobia and use of the LGBT community for its own gain. It's doing it again with DQSH. See "Gay Hate @ Your Library":

So please take those things into consideration. DQST may proceed in public spaces (other than public libraries) or in private businesses, but by law they are illegal in libraries.

You've had notice now of the possible illegality of the event, let alone that it harms the LGBT community and that it's pushed by an organization that makes homophobia a practice, namely, the American Library Association. Therefore, any harm that occurs at the library as a result of the event may be now laid at the feet of the municipality as well. Consider whether your liability policies can withstand any lawsuit resulting from any harm done. Any claims about organizations such as MassResistance will not protect your community from liability for harm.

Thank you.

Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries

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