Sunday, March 4, 2018

BREAKING: Travis Allen Wins California Republican Assembly Endorsement

This is incredible.

In spite of a torrid smear campaign from the John Cox campaign, added and abetted by paid consultants using blogs and other social media to trash Travis Allen without fact or following, Travis Allen has won the coveted California Republican Assembly endorsement for Governor.

This is YUGE!

It's time for all Republicans to rally around Travis Allen for the June 5th primary.

We need Travis to drive up the turnout and lead the California Republican Party to victory, and help Make California Great Again for all Californians.

Travis Allen, Endorsement by
The California Republican Assembly

Way to go, team!

John Cox needs to get the message once and for all.

We want MAGA! We want a fighter!

We want Travis Allen!

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  1. Great News! Travis Allwn will fight for our Freedom against the Evil Forces that prevail. He does a great Job already Representing his constituents.