Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Two Cheating RINOs Join Forces in California: Guess Who?!

The chutzpah of the former Assembly minority leader is legendary.

He brokered a deal to extend the excessive, corrupt Cap and Trade program last year, and they blithely acquiesced to allow someone else to take over as minority leader. The truth is that nothing has really changed in Sacramento since Brian Dahle took over for Mayes.

Mayes has maxed out contributions to Dahle, showing who really has all the money to keep key candidates in power. Dahle has been doing whatever he is told to do, and he has no interest in getting rid of the Cap and Traitors or keeping them in line.

Now, we find that Cheating Chad Mayes and Arnold Schwarz-a-house-keeper are joining forces once again, proving that there is still plenty of room for birds of a corrupted feather to flock together.

During his time as minority leader in the California state Assembly, Chad Mayes worked to reshape the image of the Republican party within the state and beyond, away from some of the current administration's hard-line views on topics such as immigration and climate change.

Climate change as an alarmist catastrophe is a hoax. Why does anyone care about it? Immigration is a serious subject, and illegal immigration is doing great harm to this country. We need to take a hard-line stance on these issues, or there will be nothing left of this great state and country.

In August of 2017, his support for the cap-n-trade [sic, Cap and Trade] program was the final straw for many Republicans in Sacramento, costing him his role as minority leader in the state Assembly. But Mayes is not ready to back down just yet.


Mayes office officially announced plans to form "New Way California," an organization designed to promote what his office considers "true Republican values," at a press call on Tuesday. Mayes claimed several Republican representatives and legislators within its ranks, including 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger.

New Way? More like the Same Ol', Same Ol'.

Playing to the left to get more Republicans elected has worked .... never.

Mayes and Schwarzenegger have publicly exchanged pleasantries on Twitter in the past, causing many hard-line Republicans to express their adamant discontent. On Twitter, the two were repeatedly accused of being 'RINOs' – Republicans In Name Only.

That's because they ARE RINOs.

Schwarz-a-house-keeper hurt the California Republican Party on many fronts. He gave into the very teachers' unions he pledged to stand up to. He refused to campaign and bring up the Republican Party ticket around the country.

And look who else is joining this "New Way" fraud:

Tuesday's press conference with Mayes and Republican Assemblymember Rocky Chavez from San Diego was thin on details. Mayes office was unable to publicly confirm any additional members of the new coalition and remained general when it came to its objectives.

HA HA! No specifics, huh? Because there are none! California liberal whimps like Schwarzie and Mayes have no interest in standing for any kind of values. They want to be Democrat-lite and get invited to all the Kool Kidz' parties.

“There’s so many people in California who feel like they have no place to go,” Mayes said to reporters. "The old way isn't working and it's time for a new way." What exactly that new way will look like on a policy level remained unclear.

Mayes described himself as a "conservative Republican" who is in favor of low taxes and less government regulation, a stance that seems at odds with the focus on environmental protection and investments in education both Mayes and Chavez described as key issues the new coalition is hoping to promote.

"Conservative Republican"? What a crock!

One phrase stands out, and shows that these liberal Republicans are more interesting in being liked than doing what is right.

"Republican Party is the party of the rich and intolerant"--that's only for those who insist on reading the New York Times and Los Angeles Times for the latest in Fake News pablum. The negative branding against Republicans has been non-stop in this state, where Hollywood and Academic do all the talking, and Big Labor does all the stalking.

A political party has to stand for something, or it will fall for anything. So far, the biggest interest in the state GOP, Charles Munger and Co, are far more interested in running one political party into the ground and sponsoring two left-wing parties.

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