Tuesday, January 9, 2018

DACA Desperation: United We Dream Wants "Bill of Love"

President Trump can say just about anything he wants to.

He also recognizes that whatever base he had depended on to get elected ... will evaporate right from under him if he signs off on any kind of amnesty.

DACA is wrong. It's a corrupt, useless program which Obama initiated to shore up his re-election bid in 2012. He never intended to fix the immigration problems in this country, but wanted to keep the political issue alive to demagogue and demonize Republicans.

Now, after 16 years of non-enforcement and accommodation, Americans have had enough. They want enforcement, and they want it ... 16 years ago.

That is the only Act of Love which Congress should concern itself with at this time. We need enforcement of our immigration laws.

Now, President Trump talked about a "Bill of Love".

I have already cited and sent to the President what a Bill of Love will look like:

1. 2. E-Verify 3. Welfare Reform 4. RAISE Act 5. Kate's Law 6. No Sanctuary for Criminals Act 7. End Chain Migration 8. End VISA Lottery 9. Phase out H-AB 10. Defund Sanctuary Cities 11. Arrest Sanctuary Officials 12.

It's the simple.

Of course, United We Dream is running with that three word phrase "Bill of Love", and it's already going crazy throughout social media.

Here is their latest eblast:

This just in: Trump said today that he wants to pass a straightforward immigration solution — what he called a "bill of love" in a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers.
I agree — Congress should pass a bill of love, and that bill is called the bipartisan Dream Act. Thanks to the tireless efforts of immigrant youth, we are really close to winning the Dream Act. We have until January 19th to get this done.
On January 16th, we're organizing a massive action to push for a Dream Act. We'll bring youth in from across the country once again to speak our truth and fight for our freedom. We know we can't rely on Trump's word — it's up to us to push lawmakers to make this happen.
Most Americans are ready for the Dream Act. They support our cause. But anti-immigrant lawmakers will try to thwart our every move. That's why we can't let up; it's up to us to make this happen.
Thank you,
Adrian and the rest of the team at United We Dream
The DREAM that makes the most sense, the only sense, is legislation which puts Americans Families first.

Nothing less than that, and nothing more is needed.

#NoDACA #NoAmnesty #NoFascistUSA

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