Friday, January 12, 2018

Rep. Raul Labrador Reports on Securing America's Future Act

 Labrador Letter -   January 12, 2018 
Congressman Raul Labrador, Representing the 1st District
 of Idaho
Dear Friends,
On Wednesday, I shared with you the exciting news that I was introducing a landmark immigration reform bill with three of my House colleagues: Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ). The bill we’re introducing, the Securing America's Future Act, is a strong, but fair, bill that gets serious about enforcing our immigration laws, enacting a series of common-sense conservative reforms. To read our Wall Street Journal op-ed, which describes what the bill does, please click here.
[With President Trump, discussing immigration. Credit: White House photographer]
Later on Wednesday, the White House released a statement, reading in part: “President Donald J. Trump is grateful to Chairman Goodlatte, Chairman McCaul, Congressman Labrador, and Congresswoman McSally for introducing immigration legislation that would accomplish the President’s core priorities for the American people.” Breitbart News acknowledged this was “effectively” an endorsement of my bill. 
As I told the Idaho Statesman in a front-page story: “President Trump understands this is the issue that elected him.” The bill I’ve introduced is the only one “that will be accepted by the people who elected President Trump. It is the only bill the president has given his approval of.” To read the full Statesman article, please click here
The Lewiston Tribune also reported on my immigration bill. As I told their reporter, "We're trying to make Idaho and other states safe from illegal immigration…We're moving to a merit-based immigration system that's focused on the needs of the country ….Anyone who thinks we're going to go soft on enforcement now needs to rethink their position." To read the full Tribune story, please click here (subscription required).  
The reaction in Idaho and across America has been overwhelmingly positive.
[Discussing my immigration bill with Tucker Carlson]
NumbersUSA – the leading advocacy group for conservative immigration reform – praised my bill. Their policy director, Rosemary Jenks, told Breitbart that her organization was going to “endorse” my bill “because it includes our top three priorities, and our top three priorities are ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery, and mandating E-Verify. Those are the three things that will most help American workers and most help raise their wages.”
The Hill reported “GOP support is building for an immigration bill authored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)… It has attracted support from both the moderate and conservative wings of the 239-member House Republican Conference.” 
"The Goodlatte bill's a good bill," House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told The Hill in a second piece.
With momentum building, we need Leader McCarthy and Speaker Ryan to bring our bill to the floor. Working together, we can earn House passage and maximize our negotiating position with the Senate.
Should it become law, my bill would be one of the most consequential conservative bills of our lifetime.  With President Trump in office, it’s now or never for Congressional Republicans to deliver. 
To watch my interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about my bill, please click here.
To read a one-page summary of the bill, click here. You can read the whole bill here.  
Thank you,

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