Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reflections on DACA--Immigration--Enforcement Agenda Discussions

I am not worried, but I am doubling down on what I want to see out of Washington.

I am doubling down on everything that President Trump campaigned on, that he promised to accomplish, and which he must be set to make happen.

Illegal alien "dreamers" are Nightmare Kids
The United States of America must be restored to its full sovereignty. There can be no amnesty. None. We need clear, convincing, and consistent enforcement of our nation's immigration laws.

Those who were brought into this country illegally are just as subject to deportation as is anyone else who broke into this country. Illegal immigration is trespassing and theft. Such actions do not constitute an "Act of Love".

Whether we like it or not, we as voters need to mobilize our efforts at all times to ensure that Congress passes laws in line with the will of the voters and in full concert and respect to the United States Constitution.

Republicans in Congress need to know that we as voters will never get behind any amnesty. 34 Republicans signed off on a letter seeking legal status for illegal aliens. That is wrong. They need to hear from all of us to ensure that that never happens.

Now, this tweet signals the Art of the Deal that we are witnessing in Congress right now:

Yet no matter what happens in the board room, we need to ensure that everything that comes out of Congress meets the needs of the American people, not the illegal aliens and their peers. I don't want anyone talking about DACA anymore. The program needs to lapse on its own and the illegals who had hidden under that corrupt program need to be deported.

Stephen Miller is also pointing out how President Trump is the one bending the Democrats over a barrell--or a wall--on this DACA deal and discussion:

OK, so Democrats are going to have to swallow some really hard pills

So ...

Should we all panic? No. We should remind everyone working in the White House and throughout the halls of Congress that they work for us.

Here is the list of demands which we must impose on every member of Congress and President Trump:

1. 2. E-Verify 3. Welfare Reform 4. RAISE Act 5. Kate's Law 6. No Sanctuary for Criminals Act 7. End Chain Migration 8. End VISA Lottery 9. Phase out H-AB 10. Defund Sanctuary Cities 11. Arrest Sanctuary Officials 12.  
13. End Birthright Citizenship

Make it very clear to these lawmakers:

#NoDACA #NoAmnesty #NoOpenBordersUSA

I am willing to hold on and trust that everything is going to work out for us.

But do not stop calling!

American Dreamers come first, foremost, and final!

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