Saturday, January 6, 2018

Redlands Tea Party Patriots: CAGOP Candidates Debate (Videos)

Here are all the videos I captured at the Redlands Tea Party Patriots "Political Hunger Games" debate between Travis Allen and John Cox.

Before the two gubernatorial contenders took the stage, other candidates in the audience stood up and introduced themselves to the large crowd at the Mentone Mill Creek Cattle Company:

Then Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising with her friend Mike McGetrick introduced a petition they were passing around to support ICE and their deportation efforts in the state of California:

Here are the two main videos featuring the two candidates going at it:

Here's Part Two:

The recording space on my camera started running out, so I had to temper what I recorded from that point forward.

Here was my question to the two candidates:

Here was my reaction to their responses to my question:

Then the two candidates gave their closing comments:

Please feel free to share this videos as you see fit. Please also comment below. What do you think of the two candidates? Which one gave better answers? Which one do you think would better serve as our next governor?

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  1. I think we need ONLY 1 GOP candidate running for governor! I am voting for Travis Allen.