Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Final Rant on Wayward, Wannabe GOP Millennials

This post has been circulating in my mind for a few months.

Over those same months I have witnessed a number of break-out star Millennials who were circling in conservative circles over the last five years.

I remember one group of young Latinos who began frequenting the Beach Cities Republicans.

Then there was a small group of Republican Milennials from El Camino College. Some of the bought into lying rhetoric about racism, and they stopped talking to me for a little while. Then they realized that I was pretty open about working with people of all kinds of backgrounds, and they ran away from the lies.

Betran Usher, a wannabe campaign manage who is probably robbing his clients legally since he can't help them in any way, ducked out on a promised speech before the Beach Cities Republicans in 2016. He even spoke with the Guardian as a Trump supporting Latino.

Then he bent over for the corrupted Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee, who threatened to end whatever video-recording gig he would get with them if he went to the Beach Cities Republicans meeting.

A total sellout.

Two years later, he tried to shake my hand, walked up to me to make nice. I told him to blow off.

What planet does these amoral millennials live on? Do they really think that I am for sale, or that I am so desperate to make nice that I can just look askance at their betrayal? I don't think so!

Then there was this David Feiner fink.

He thought I was racist because the racist sellout Betran Usher told him so. He then admitted that it was wrong to believe those hollow lies. So then he wanted to make nice.

I realized then that he was more of a follower than a fighter, more of a flee-er than a faithful difference-maker. The ultimate of all of this came with his short-term gig on the Brown Shirt, er ... Red Elephants. I had no idea how bigoted those types really were.

Then there was David Feiner going along with the corrupt, racist talking points of the Brown Shirt Elephants. One time, he told me that he was completely committed to this idea that race and IQ are uniquely correlated. He believed it because there was this book "The Bell Curve", which answers everything.

The last time that I was on the Brown Shirt Elephants. with the young Anti-Semite Nick Fuentes, it was really sad to for me to see that this guy was propping up and defending all of that garbage. He went along with the whole corrupt wannabe beat-down, and there was no accountability for it.

Since then, it appears that Feiner has left them, but he is invested in playing nice with everyone. Just like self-serving sellout Betran Usher, he wanted to greet me at a fundraiser. I took out my camera immediately and confronted him on the bigoted company he had chosen to keep. He wanted to play defense, then shame me. It failed big time. I later found out that for jealousy's sake he was going to dox a Trump supporter and get that person fired from his job.

What a shameful fraud.

All these so-called conservative Millennials sold out in so many ways. Did they really think that giving up whatever principles they thought they possessed was going to make things work in their favor in the long run? It's so sad to see people so young, with so much potential, throw it away because they stick their finger in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing.

What is it about Millennials in general? Did they not learn about the delayed gratification of standing your ground for what is right? For staying true to something and fighting for it to make it happen?

Then there are the other losers, like Joseph Lopez, Christopher Castillo, and even Harry Tsang. I still recall the losers from the LA County Central Committee bending over backwards to make nice and do whatever would make these Millennials happy. "We can't lose them! We need them, they are the future of the Party!" I would hear off and on.

What future is there if the older generation is looking to younger people who are so selfish, so self-absorbed that they sell out in the face of pressure or politicking? Why would these people sell out? What is the lack of conviction, and why has it become so prevalent among this set?

I submit that they see a similar selling out among the leaders in the Los Angeles County GOP Central Committees. They see a lack of conviction, of integrity among the chairman and executive committee ranks. Why should they do anything less? There is no winning, their is no principled conviction, so they ... sell out and do what other, more "powerful" groups do.


That's all I have to say at this time about those wayward wannabes who made no difference.

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