Saturday, December 29, 2018

Open Letter to Torrance City Council: Leave Mattucci Alone

Dear Torrance City Council:

I have received the following report from Councilman Mattucci:

[O]n January 8th the Torrance City Council will vote on whether or not they will investigate me and my involvement with exposing the truth, up fronting the funds to pay for a few dozen shirts, and for advocating for change in policy. 

I see this as a Political Hit Job and it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I agree, and I am saddened to see this happening on my city council.

I am appalled that any of our elected officials want to waste time and resources investigating one of the members simply because he took a stand to fight against the previous coyote proposal.

The urban coyotes were killing pets and attacking people in growing numbers, and the reporting process was completely inadequate. The idea that Aurelio was getting rich or profiting from this fight is ludicrous. I received the shirt for free, and so did a few friends of mine, including one who lives in Texas:

Again, Anthony Garcia (to the left, standing with US Senator Ted Cruz) did not even pay for it! And at the November 27th Torrance city council meeting, more shirts were handed out FOR FREE!

The city should start investing the councilmembers trying to shame or limit Councilman Mattucci's efforts to do what is best for the city. Councilman Rizzo had a reporting error on his FPPC files, and no one raised their eyesbrows about that.
Councilman Geoff Rizzo has become the latest member of the Torrance City Council to be given a regulatory slap on the wrist by the state’s political ethics agency in the wake of last year&#x…
And let's not forget the McCormick Brouhaha:
Torrance Mayor Pat Furey’s successful 2014 mayoral campaign was fined $35,000 Monday by the state’s political ethics watchdog for “intentional coordination and concealment” of improper ...

To investigate a city councilman for connecting with constituents to air their concerns is just the height of hypocrisy at this point.

By the way ...

Councilman Goodrich (an anti-war activist preaching against our men and women overseas while attempting to stifle the freedom of expression of an army general) has received plenty of money from outside of the city, including retired Congresswoman Lyn Woosley (From Marin County?!) and former state senate candidate Sandra Fluke. Why is all this outside money getting poured into our local elections?

Furthermore, I APPLAUD Councilman Mattucci exposing what that teacher did. She had her students write letters on a specific issue before the city council in order to sway the votes of the councilmembers. She was using her classtime to push her agenda. Shameful. That is beyond inexcusable, and that teacher should be put on leave for using her classroom, her public trust, to push a political agenda on the students.

The city should withdraw any interest in investigating any kind of financial or legal impropriety against Councilman Mattucci.

Rest assured, I am sending a loud message to every resident in the city of Torrance to write to the city and attending the January 8th, 2019 City Council meeting to denounce this stupid kangaroo court-investigation before it starts.


Arthur Christopher Schaper

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