Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New LA County Sheriff Quotes ... Machiavelli

The new sheriff for Los Angeles County, Alex Villanueva, is committed to removing ICE from LA County Jails.

This is unreal.

He wants to endanger law-abiding citizens all in the name of liberal social justice warrior clericism.

Notice whom he quotes on the LA County Sheriff's Department Facebook page:



Machiavelli talked about the need for good laws and good arms.

Does he agree with those sentiments? I doubt it.

I do know that if means are to be assessed, that we must look to the ends--those were the words of Machiavelli, too. That does not necessarily mean that the ends justify the means.

Machiavelli was a pragmatist of sorts, but he also believe in strong borders and fealty to the rule of law.

Will Sheriff Villaneuva live up to these expectations?

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