Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let Jesus Kiss You

"Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other." (Psalm 85:10)

Grace and truth came (singular) by Jesus Christ (John 1: 17)

You cannot have truth without God's grace, and without God's grace, we have no hold the truth that sets us free (John 8: 31-32)

Righteousness and peace kissed at the Cross, where God satisfied His Divine retribution for the sins of men, and gave to all  mankind the Gift of righteousness (Romans 5: 17) and peace (Ephesians 2:14)

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine." (Song of Solomon 1: 2)

Solomon is a type of Jesus Christ, our Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9: 6). Beyond the erotic connotations, the spiritual depth of this book guides every member of the Body of Christ to see themselves lovingly covered with righteousness and peace, which we joyfully receive from the Holy Spirit (Romans 14: 17)

Another type in the Bible should prompt us to see "kiss" as the union of our right standing and perfect provision in Christ:

"And as soon as the lad was gone, David arose out of a place toward the south, and fell on his face to the ground, and bowed himself three times: and they kissed one another, and wept one with another, until David exceeded." (1 Samuel 20: 41)

David, "Beloved" in Hebrew, represents Jesus Christ, and Jonathan, which means "God is Gift", embrace each other to signify their alliance, that David the true anointed king would receive the allegiance and support of Saul's son, Jonathan, even though his father was trying to kill the Shepherd-King.

When we allow Jesus to cover us in His righteousness, when we receive His peace, we find the love and joy that sustains us and blesses us.

Today, let Jesus' grace and truth, His righteousness and peace, over you today!

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