Friday, February 22, 2013

Lieu and Waxman: Half of SaMoHi Not "College Ready"

Half of Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District students are not “college ready,” according to Ashley Archibald. The Prop 30 taxpayer dollars apparently have not brought down class sizes, brought back more teachers, or even brought up our sagging public education system. Then again, voters should have expected as much from the state legislature: more of the same “rosy projections” with thorny results. Also, the ever-present teachers unions still frustrate reform at ever chance they get. School choice and a voucher program will make our students “college ready”.
Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Santa Monica) has been clamoring about the potential calamities that will crush this earth, unless the federal government executes immediate action to curb “climate change” (or is it “global warming”? “ozone depletion?”) What’s the point of researching “climate change”if no one can read or write?
State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Santa Monica) recently received the“Senator of the Year” Award from the League of Humane Voters for his legislative efforts on behalf of animals. Students are still forced to attend the school in the same zipcode as their home address. Students and parents still must suffer under incompetent and immoral teachers. School districts and administrators still do not have the power nor authority to discipline and ultimately remove such failing educators. When will Lieu issue humane laws for the humans, like school choice or vouchers?
Our representatives have done nothing for our failing schools. When will our leaders lead on granting every student the opportunity to be“college ready”?

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